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Bad Boys For Life, 2020

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    Bad Boys 3 (officially titled "For Life") comes 25 years after the first film, directed by the ever-bombastic set-piece king Michael Bay. That makes it almost three decades later.

    Anyone who loved the crime thiller's first two films would be worried that the man who helped shape the franchise's legendary status in pop-culture was not returning to direct a present-day take on what shaped most people's 90s/early-2000s' idea of what real action-packed entertainment is.

    Bad Boys For Life surprisingly finds fresh life in directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, without straying far away from the original films- especially the first films, which is considered a classic by many households.

    This film sets its focus on the two characters that we have all grown to love with every rewatch, and takes this chance to build on their characters, each of their unique charisma and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's on-screen chemistry.

    For Life is the perfect buddy-cop film, setting a standard for the crime, action and thriller genres today, as most filmmakers jace recently tried to rekindle the 90s crime thriller charm with not much notable success or creativity.

    Bad Boys For Life has family at its heart, which makes it an enjoyable family experience that will contribute to loads of discussions and laughter long after its release.

    This is a film you watch to kick back to and have a hell of a ride over with a bunch of friends/family. There are enough car chases, shoot-out and action-packed set-pieces to keep anyone of any age glued to the screen from start to finish.

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