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Avengers: Endgame, 2019

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    Avengers: Endgame is no doubt a cathartic experience. This is the culmination of years of worldbuilding, and the Russo brothers wasted no moment in the close to three-hour runtime of the boastful film. Of course, this film being the climax of the entire cinematic universe, with a decade's worth of material, it isn't easy to weave together every plot point and lose end while also maintaining the core narrative and heart of the MCU; which has always been burgeoning bonds and tons of, er well, fun and laughter.

    This is first a movie that aims to please; the Russos want both the fans and the critics, whether professional or enthusiasts, to be satisfied. Though in good measure, this breeds a messy layered film of stylistic dialogue we all know and love, odd set-ups and plots, questionable editing, and weird emotional moments that could've maybe been saved for an ultimate cut.

    On that point, the film really didn't need to be three hours long. I guess Marvel had to find a way to milk this ending, to keep us glued to our seats for much longer than we'd ever been for an MCU film this time because this moment is indeed super, super important. As a long time fan, I wasn't complaining either; just sitting there, soaking in the random, sometimes wildly unnecessary, moments with some of my favourite heroes felt like an out of body experience that I'll probably look back to for a long time.

    The film spends most of its time on exposition and revisiting some of the more memorable MCU moments, plots and subplots. We get to witness some odd pairings of our heroes, which was necessary, I guess, because afterall it will be a very long time till we can hope to see most of these characters on our screens together again. Unfortunately for the movie though, this fan-service pokes a lot more plotholes than manageable into the storyline.

    Time travel is always a challenging topic to cover, and unfortunately this film does so in the worst, amateurish way imaginable. But we're also talking about the Russos here, so they sure make their mess-ups in this regard fashionable as hell that you almost don't mind, if you're a geek enough to care about this kind of stuff anyway.

    Character arcs are fulfilled in the most wholesome of ways possible for some of our heroes, while others are just very weird even when mostly justifiable, and others will just plainly shatter your little fangirl/boy heart. Again, it's a very big deal seeing these characters come full circle on screen together. And seeing them this desperate to fix the mess that they let Thanos create is emotionally demanding, even when the film doesn't always manage to rile us up into an emotional chokehold the way the movie of this scale and consequence is supposed to.

    This is a movie that calls back to the main Avengers, the moments we've shared with them and their final goodbyes. Unlike Infinity War, this film isn't as good at sufficiently sharing the stage among our heroes, old or new, and instead feels like it's rushing to an epic conclusion that it doesn't quite manage build-up or fulfill.

    Endgame feels like a wink and a warm hug at and for the day-one fans. The Russos aren't bothering themselves too much with making this the movie of the decade, even with it being the biggest cinematic event of this decade, but are rather concerned with bringing our favourite heroes on screen together to bid them a well-deserved fairwell. A new era is upon us, and Endgame is the catharsis and a genesis of what's to come.

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