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ARQ, 2016

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    ARQ is a 2016 sci-fi film written and directed by Tony Elliot. The film stars Robbie Amell and Rachel Taylor in lead roles. The plot follows an engineer whose invention causes time to loop during a home invasion and through these loops he must figure out why this is happening and stop the invaders from getting their hands on the invention.

    The last time a sci-fi movie really had me excited was Edge of Tomorrow cause that was something different and something I hadn’t seen before and what ARQ did was take Groundhog Day and infused it with Edge of Tomorrow and we got this what I’ll call a future classic.
    I felt that ARQ did a good job of realizing that it’s a time travel film, so it did its best not to fall into clichés, and ushered us into the story line of continuous time-loops that were fast and efficient and not “repetitive” at all. The director knew how to keep us intrigued with the background story taking place. There is a lot of world building and history left to the imagination which I think is genius because no one wants to be spoon fed especially in cinema.

    They stuck to the main story line without jam packing it with unnecessary information about the world, but the little bit of info we do get is enough to get us by and that’s enough. The acting was surprisingly great, Robbie had a commending screen presence and I actually believed him, I rooted for him. While one of Hollywood’s gems Rachel Taylor was perfect and even though the role was stereotypical, she delivered and whoa I fell in love with her again. A cool point I want make is the development of story and character I’m here for it.
    The set was limited to a house which really created an intimate environment for the viewer, and the film was able to maintain a certain level of uniqueness.
    The film is defs worth a watching and some of you will be pleasantly surprised while you hard nuts will probably hate it cause Hollywood has drained all the joys of cinema from you so you watch to criticize but none the less support low budget-indie cinema with big ideas.

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