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Aquaman, 2018

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    Aquaman is a 2018 superhero action adventure film directed by James Wan. The film stars Jason Momoa in the lead role of Arthur Curry with Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, William Dafoe, Temura Morrison, Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Dolph Lundgren filling out the rest of the cast. Aquaman follows Arthur who must embrace his destiny as an Atlantean and surface dweller in order to stop his half-brother Orm (Wilson) from destroying the surface world. He journeys on an “impossible” quest aided by Mera (Heard) in order to prove that he is the one true king that can unite the seven sea kingdoms and bring peace between sea and land.

    After finishing the film the first thought that came to my mind was “WOW that was AWESOME”, simply because Aquaman is awesome. The film embraces the goofiness and weirdness that have somehow attached themselves to the Aquaman character over the years and mixed it with a bit of family drama and the result of that is a nonstop action adventure film that sees a man who essentially is lost (but really is seeking acceptance from his mother’s side of the world) find himself and becomes a hero of epic proportions.

    Sure the film does have its issues and the main one for me is the dialogue and quips or one liners whatever you choose to call them. Firstly the dialogue felt a bit monotone at times for me, there was no distinguishing factors in the dialogue between the characters especially in the first act. I’m basically saying the characters all sounded the same, whatever Arthur was saying could have easily been said by a random character and it still would have made sense, the characters weren’t being distinguished by the dialogue, and Mera’s dialogue was sometimes very meh. My issue with the quips or one liners is that don’t just give them to Momoa sure the guy is awesome and magnetic but let everyone have their fun because I kid you not if Mera was given some quips, the banter between her and Arthur would have been amazing.

    Now let’s talk about what I liked…
    One my favourite qualities about Aquaman is the fight sequences and this film has plenty of those and as the film progresses the action in the sequences got better. The camera doing 360 degrees following the high octane speeds of the action will have you saying “omg that’s awesome” under your breath every single time. I enjoyed the chase sequence in Italy more than I should have, despite the scene already being available online for weeks before the film’s release, it didn’t fail in feeling brand new and that’s the magic of cinema and the magic of James Wan’s chase sequences.

    Even with all that visual spectacle I found the film to essentially be about one’s relationship (dynamics) with the world around him and himself, and you’ll probably find this in most James Wan films (or every film ever made) if you look hard enough. The relationship dynamics make’th the character and in the beginning Arthur sees himself as an outsider and that dynamic sets the tone for his journey throughout the film as he goes at it with a certain reluctance”. Orm’s beef with the surface world is really not because of our straws (lol) but because of Arthur who has something he doesn’t (the land) and the fuels his hatred which lead him to his war not with just the land but those who oppose him.

    What impressed the most about Aquaman is how James Wan instead of letting the film become a superhero film cliché from the second act onwards he decides to go wilder and weirder. Where the details of the visuals, sets, costumes and characters become so much bigger, better and distinct and the cast really deliver with their performances. I cannot being to express how impressive the visuals are in this film, everything is absolutely spectacular, the scenes in Atlantis will have you in awe, Wan planned everything out to even the littlest detail like when they speak underwater, their voices actually sound like they’re underwater and the cheap air bubble trick used in Justice League is done away with here. Wan even gets weirder and sometimes bigger with his sea creatures, some will even have you fearing the ocean and THE THIRD ACT is probably one the best third acts of the year in any blockbuster film. Everything from the camera, visuals, sound, performances and direction working together to create the best 40+ minutes of your life. Overall James Wan crafted the perfect blockbuster film that will not only appeal to the kids but to the parents also. A MUST WATCH!!


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