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Ant-Man and the Wasp, 2018

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    Ant-Man isn't as big as the likes of Captain America, Iron-Man or even the God of Thunder. No, he sits at the sweet corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where there are glimpses of all kinds of possibilities which are explored through his movies because there isn't much of a risk putting him in a lab as a way to explore Marvel's extendes prospects. This is not to say that the film, at its core, isn't stuffed with MCU DNA, though.

    Ant-Man and the Wasp sees our small-time hero Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) sitting on his butt moping around waiting for his house-arrest term to be over. Of course it won't go as smoothly as he had expected as the guy he stole his super suit from to go play hero in Captain America: Civil War now wants a favour. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) needs help saving his wife. This is how the movie pardons itself from its counterparts and instead explores the realms of a family drama injected with tons of CGI and ass-whopping.

    Characterisation is at the heart of the film in this sequel, as the silly and nervy core characters we were introduced in the first film to come back much more acquainted with their charisma and identity. Especially Lang's super-trooper crew, who want nothing but to serve justice with a side of absolute absurdity and belly-jiggling quips. Luis (Michael Peña) is a scene-stealer as expected, but Dave (T.I.) and Kurt (David Dastmalchian) become the guys that hold the comedic boat steady this time around.

    One thing I appreciate the most about the Ant-Man franchise is that it writes its comedy so genuinely. Every comedic piece feels more natural than the last, which makes you appreciate Marvel's little trick-pony a lot more than what's on the roster. Where it lacks in narrative, the movie defiantly makes up in its twitchy comedy and charged up set-pieces.

    Of course the film isn't a masterpiece that's done its absolute might to be at the very top of any list, but it sure does deserve to be somewhere in the conversation. The film (the entire franchise) makes you feel at ease, as though you're finally free to enjoy yourself, make up your own mind and breathe for a second amidst the superhero sanctum of hysteria.

    This is the one superhero franchise that seems untouched in terms of dramatised expectations and stakes, so you'll definitely enjoy your time sitting back, rubbing your belly in giggles and enjoying the full-on banter coupled with pretty impressive action.

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