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Always Be with You, 2017

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    Always Be with You a 2017 supernatural horror film directed by Herman Yau. The film stars Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Gordon Lam, Charlene Choi and Charmaine Sheh.

    The film is basically about a fatal car accident caused by a taxi driver who learned that he has cancer. We then go through the film following those affected by the accident and how they’re dealing with the aftermath.

    Yikes! And not in a good way, the film is extremely uneven especially in the horror department it lacks the HORROR! Herman Yau kinda ignored the basics of the horror movie, he gave us a mix match of supernatural stuff happening that are somehow linked to the car accident. It felt very disjointed to me, instead of playing like a heavy Hong Kong drama that would genre blend with horror because we’re dealing with heavy subject matters such as suicide, addiction, ghosts and I think hell gatekeepers.
    We instead get this film that has a loose narrative, lacks any depth and character development or even a cool aesthetic. The visuals are slightly cringe worthy because there’s this weird grading it has and it’s kinda like some instagram filter and the scenes are very flat, there’s no real connection! Just flat images.

    Image Image Image Image
    I mean I can’t even say much about the film because there is nothing to actually say about it, personally I felt like the film would have worked without the “horror” elements, it had all the makings of a great drama that would look into the aftermath of suicide, addiction and even about the heaviness of death – the load we carry when someone close to us dies. We really got a movie that’s void of creativity and poignancy.

    I will however recommend you watch it for yourself and see if you agree with the points I’ve made or tell me that I’m being an ass and a bit harsh.

    Check out the trailer below:

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