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Afflicted, 2013

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    Afflicted is a 2013 found footage horror film written and directed by Derek Lee and Clif Prowse.

    Afflicted follows two friends Derek and Clif (yup they wrote, directed and act in this - Tyler Perry is shook) anyway it follows these two best friends who go on a trip around the world and all their adventures can be seen on their web-series "Ends of the Earth", when one of them falls ill they must find out what's wrong before it's too late, add mysterious paranormal illness and boom a terrific film.

    It's always interesting when you see how different filmmakers interpret a certain "theme"/"creature". The whole traveling to unknown lands and something terrible happens has been done countless times but here we're offered a fresh take on that and also a different approach to a certain horror "monster" dear I say, this time it's presented as a virus and we watch in terror as one of the characters "fights" to hold on to his humanity.

    Afflicted is a perfect blend of great story, cinematography and performances. Although it uses the found footage trope I personally hate and can not stomach, this film made me love the power of found footage and the rawness it can provide.

    This found footage movie differs from others in that it offers a great plot, developed characters, and an amazing story as things progress very quickly from bad to worse, in the backdrops of Europe.

    The film avoids the clich├ęd tropes of found footage horrors so no characters swirling in the air with extremely shaky camera work, instead we are offered amazing A grade cinematography that that's crisp and clear.

    The only setback it has in my view is the somewhat cheesy dialogue in the first act and early on within the second act but beyond that it's a solid film which offered me thrills and chills and a couple of euw scenes.

    I will say that this film is one of my favorites in a much over-used genre. Another gem in the horror genre. It's a must see. I can not wait to see what Derek Lee and Clif Prowse offer us next after such a strong debut.
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    Found footage film with none of that shaking camera stuff we're always fed as authentic and original? I'm sold!

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