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Ad Astra, 2019

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    Ad Astra is an awards season film from start to finish. This is not to say that it is an Oscar-bait, but rather a worthy contender of the race, especially considering Brad Pitt's flawless performance that's retraced by the quiet and haunting direction by James Gray and the droning score by Max Richter.

    Speaking of quiet and haunting, Ad Astra is as meditative as it gets. This is a film that gives a deeper meaning to the words "human study" without even trying. We see Brad Pitt coming into his true thespian power, after all these years- even after Fight Club- to finally capture a particular essence he has clearly longed for.

    To say that the movie is too long, or takes unnecessary precedence on narrative over logic to get to the message it wants to relay across would be false, though for most who are not conversant to films of this nature might feel it is. This is a film that requires patience and some form of intellectual interaction and flexibility in order to truly enjoy. So, this isn't a film for anyone who merely seeks a mindless escape- there are plenty other movies for that in circuit at the moment.

    From writing, acting and the technical aspects of the film, this is a work of art worthy of being praised among the greats. The urgency of human preservation and proliferation, along with the struggles with mental health faced by human beings, are put across in such a familiar, alarming manner that the audience will have no choice but to meditate on their own lives thereafter. A wonderfully chilling watch!

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