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47 Meters Down, 2017

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    (Mumbles something cutting in comparison to Jaws). So, 47 Meters Down is a deep sea thriller which sees two sisters- who are vacationing in some beautiful pacifying island in Mexico- in trouble with the big bads of the blue sea. When cage-diving goes wrong, the sisters find themselves at the ocean floor, hurt and surrounded by toothy and hungry monsters of the sea.

    Sounds exciting, right? A shark movie that pushes the premise a bit further off the edge. I will say, though, that for non-genre enthusiasts, this movie is the perfect popcorn time-passer. But for Everyone else who has watched quite a few of these sea monster movies, you will leave underwhelmed and sickened by the jittery dialog, along with the numskulled storyline. From the first few frames, there is no doubt that this film was rushed, from script to production.

    Sisters Kate and Lisa are convinced by two guys from a wild party the night before that they should go on a cage diving adventure. They are enticed by the rush of seeing marine life, sharks!, upclose, they agree to participate without much resistance. They're encaged in protective steel bars and lowered into the glistening blue waters. After a few minutes the wench that's holding them up breaks, and their 5-meter dive turns into 47-metered horror. This is the moment I thought that maybe we'd finally get some good action!

    Everything that can go wrong goes wrong. The girls are out of radio range so they're not able to contact anyone for help. Their masks are running out of oxygen. One of them gets hurt and is bleeding out. And they need to get out of the safety of the cage and navigate the shark-infested water to ensure a chance at survival. These all sound like thrilling moments, but they were executed so horribly that you'd need a deep nap between frames. Also, the sharks don't play much of a role, except gracing the screen a few times to show off their perfectly sharpened fangs.

    Watch 47 Meters Down if you need an outlet for your frustrations. You'll be spending a good 80 minutes of the the 89 annoyed and cussing at the screen for wasting the time and money that you could've spent on something else.

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