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The Gathering, 2013

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    The Gathering is a supernatural/fantasy novel from a Young Adult book series (titled Darkness Rising), by Kelley Armstrong. It tells a story of 16-year-old Maya, who lives in an odd little small research town where the residents lead quite a lab-ratty life (what?!) Maya is adopted, and this is where the storyline stems. Maya strangely attracts mountain lions and other big cats, and strange things begin happening to her; some in the form of dreams, hallucinations, etc.

    YA novels are, for some absurd reason, looked down upon by the common reader, but I find these kind of novels to have the most compelling types of storytelling. So, before you dismiss these books because of their genre, please be assured that they're mostly worth every page.

    Though this particular novel isn't as memorable as others in its similar genre (Twilight, Blue Bloods), it has managed to keep my fingers flipping from one page to the next without hesitation. It does come off as an "I've read this before" at first (and you sure have) but the narrative direction and the distinct way in which each character is portrayed is enough to have you huff off the doubt and see your new friends through to the end of their journey. Again, this novel might not be as big a hit as your The Vampire Diaries and Immortal Instruments, but it sure as hell does its part to reveal a tale in which we can all invest- whether young or old.

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