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One Man's Bible, 2000

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    Seeing the cover, I honestly did not know what to expect especially with seeing the name Bible on it so I was expecting something religious or at least to be guided spiritually but how was I wrong. The book itself is written in different tenses, wherein the present we are taken through the narrator who is having a relationship with a tourist by the name if Margarethe, wherein this short relationship he has internal conflict where he speaks to himself in the third person, which is brilliant because you find yourself in this lapse of reading what is happening and his thoughts all at the same time. Gao showed brilliant writing by being able to give the foundation of how he came to be in the present by being able to go into the past, where his life started and basically how he was an “ordinary” worker in a Chinese regime that was strict and if you did not have a good ranking from birth your life was preordained for you. To be honest the past they were moments where moments when the story was a bit tedious because I am not sure how much of Asian heritage I wanted to see. The interesting part of the past was the affair he had with Lin who was married to a high-ranking officer, look I am not saying infidelity is good, no not at all but the relationship which went on between them was lovely until Gao who was younger caught feelings then it was exposed when desperation got the best of him. He was banished from China and his life changed where you see in the present, a man who lost the person he loved and loses himself in having frequent sex with women who are visitors in his life and current country. The last relation he had was with Sylvie a French artist who wanted nothing more than but to be shown the country yet he had his own personal interests.

    I highly recommend the book, especially for the moments when he is dropping gems in between chapters, they are a lot of quotes which leave you inspired and oozing. One of my favorite books.
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    Classic case of don't judge a book by its cover, lol. Definitely getting this book a-sap. Thanks for this interesting review!

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