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Terror In Resonance, 2014

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    Terror in resonance is a mystery detective drama series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo).


    Modern day Tokyo is under sieges as it has been rocked by a recent spate of terrorist attacks that terrorist group Sphinx , a duo of teenagers, are responsible for. The Sphinx terrorists have entered a cat & mouse game with the local police force as they always post a riddle to the possible location of a bomb before it goes of on YouTube for the public. Detective Shibazaki of the Tokyo Metro Police Force is forced from retirement & takes it upon himself to not only prevent more bombs from going off but also figure out the true motivations for the actions of these cyber terrorists who are holding the Japanese capital hostage. However as the story progresses we learn that the Sphinx teenagers are not what the authorities think they are & that a much darker government conspiracy is at work which they are trying to expose with their extremist methods.


    If your a anime fan who's looking to take a break from all usual anime tropes like magical transformations/special techniques or perhaps your a newcomer who thinks anime is childish with no real substance then Terror in resonance will be perfect for you. This a very mature series that tackles various real world issues like terrorism, global politics, Japan's legacy of nuclear devastation, espionage, cyber crime & government cover ups.


    Terror in resonance also deals with very emotional issues that many people can relate with etc how they explored issues of childhood trauma & finding a belonging in society which does not accept outliers (those who are different). This series boasts wonderful visuals & a musical score that serves to heighten the emotional turmoil of all the main protagonists involved in the show. Terror in resonance is a slick detective drama that comes highly recommended for all anime lovers & newcomers alike.


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