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Soul Eater, 2008

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    "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and sound body"


    Soul Eater is a dark fantasy shonen anime series based on the manga by Atsushi Okubo.



    In this world individuals who kill innocent people and consume their souls in the pursuit of obtaining power are deemed as the ultimate evil and a threat to peace because if a person eats enough souls they risk becoming an all powerful demon known as the Kishin who has the ability to plunge the world into chaos & death. In order to prevent this from happening the Grim Reaper "Death" charged with protecting the world from the Kishin established a school known as the DWMA (Death Weapons & Meister Academy) that trains young powerful warriors with strong souls to work together with people who have the ability to transform into weapons. All Meisters and their weapons are charged with hunting down demons that eat the souls of innocents to prevent the return of the Kishin.



    The best way to describe Soul Eater is essentially an anime version of Harry Potter with a Tim Burton visual style. This series is one of the most unique shonen anime because of its quirky nature since it draws its aesthetics from Halloween & classic horror folklore. The show is full of witches, immortal werewolves, a zombie substitute teacher and the Grim reaper as a high school principal so that just illustrates how wacky a ride Soul Eater is.


    One thing I genuinely loved was that the protagonist is a death scythe wielding young girl with pigtails called Maka Albarn it was a breathe of fresh air to see a shonen anime series that has a strong and vulnerable female lead which is unfortunately something very rare in the sub genre. I loved many of the other supporting characters as well such the dapper but highly neurotic Death The Kid & the obnoxious "Naruto" clone Black Star. The strongest aspect of the series is the well written characters and how strong their chemistry is amongst each other.



    Soul Eater is a wonderfully unique and fun shonen anime that has really great humour, brilliantly animated action & a wide range of dope characters. My only issue is that the pacing & level of storytelling in the first half of the series is is near perfect but after a certain turning point the plot seems drag a little bit as we near the finale of the conflict. Another aspect I took issue with was with the way the series ended as it felt completely unearned and underwhelming however this may be due to the fact that the manga and anime adaptation deviated in terms storyline. Overall though Soul Eater is still a great show to get into if you are looking for a shonen series with a new twist.


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