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Psycho-Pass, 2012

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    "It is not society that determines people's futures. It is people who determine society's future."


    Psyco-Pass is a cyberpunk crime thriller directed by Naoyoshi Shitoni & based on the manga written by Gen Urobichi.


    The story is set in a futuristic Japan where essentially all aspects of society are controlled by an Artificial intelligence known as the Sybil System. One of the Sybil systems primary functions is to measure the “psycho pass” of every citizen because a person’s “psycho pass” is essentially an evaluation of an individual’s potential to become violent or commit criminal acts. The Sybil system being omnipresent has scanners & robot drones who evaluate citizens on a daily basis through cymatic scans of the brain. If a person’s “psycho pass” is deemed unstable then agents from the Public Safety Bureau will be dispatched to either locate, capture or kill these so called latent criminals if they are deemed a danger to society. These police officers are known as Enforcers who are each assigned a special weapon known as the Dominator which can scan an individual’s psycho pass in real time & based on high the criminals crime coefficient is the Dominator will give then give the agent a choice of either stunning or killing the target outright. The main plot of the story centers on detective Akane Tsunemori a newly assigned police inspector of the criminal investigation division who begins to unearth a shocking conspiracy about the Sybil system as the series progresses.


    Psycho-Pass is an extremely dark series that explores how life under authoritarian rule would be like if we allowed society to be maintained by an omnipresent A.I. Psycho-Pass deals with many philosophical issues such as the price of living in a crime free society, which in this case is the our own individual freedom. Many times throughout the show Psycho Pass also asks the question of whether it is fair for a system to judge a person based on the fact that they may have the potential to commit an act if they have not done anything yet which is essentially negating the principle of free will in society. Psycho-Pass also does an excellent job of highlighting the dark side of human nature not only from the villains but also from the people would deem to be “good” showcasing how all human beings are capable of committing horrible acts.


    I really enjoyed the cyberpunk aesthetic of Psycho-Pass (which is very reminiscent of the cult classic film Blade Runner). The characters themselves are where awesome because they were portrayed as being flawed, regretful & conflicted allowing the audience to become truly invested in this show as we can empathize with these very human individuals who are struggling with their own inner conflicts whilst trying to do the right thing as protectors of society.


    Psycho-Pass is definitely one of the coolest anime I’ve ever watched & has just about everything you would want in a top tier series including a multilayered story & compelling characters. Also the Dominator is by far the coolest gun you will ever see in anime so that’s definitely another reason to watch!!


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