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Parasyte The Maxim, 2015

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    “Shinichi, upon researching the concept of demons, I believe that, among all life, humans are the closest thing to it. Although humans kill and eat a wide variety of life forms, my kind eat merely one or two kinds at most. We are quite frugal in comparison.”


    Parasyte is a sci-fi horror action anime series about the mysterious emergence of a new species of parasitic creatures that have the ability to take over their human hosts & turn them into cannibalistic monsters. A high school student merges with one of these alien creatures and forms an alliance to fight together in the common interest of survival. Along the way he develops spectacular and frightening powers which cause him to question his own humanity.



    One human who finds himself taken over by a parasite is high school student Shinichi Izumi. However unlike in other cases where the creatures completely take over the hosts brain, he manages to keep the infection strictly in his hand. This results in a freaky mutation where his left hand becomes sentient , calls "Migi" and develops a mind of its own with the ability to talk & transform at will into a deadly killing machine. As other monstrous parasites target him and his loved ones Shinichi has to learn to work with Migi in order to fight & survive this frightening secret invasion.



    Parasyte is a brilliant series that blends scientific fiction, horror & action so splendidly as it takes the audience on a breathless storyline where the protagonist Shinichi who starts out as a introverted nerd is forced to evolve and grow into a badass protagonist filled with conflict & rage at the hardship he has had to endure. Shinichi's character develop is interesting to watch because he starts out as human but finds himself more emotionless & ruthless like the parasites he fights against.



    If your a fan of dark gory anime (Berserk, Elven Lied) then this show is perfect plus it also has killer action sequences & a poignant story line that will have you gripped from episode one till the very end. This anime version of Invasion of the body snatchers is one of the most underrated anime shows so do best and watch it.


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