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One-Punch Man, 2015

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    "In exchange for power, maybe I've lost something that's essential for a human being?"


    One-Punch Man is a superhero action comedy directed by Shingo Natsume series based on the manga written by web comic publisher ONE.


    The story is set in an alternate earth where superheroes exist to protect the world from all sorts of disastrous threats. Superheroes are categorized by the government & ranked according to their power level so the higher you are up the ranking the more money, status & fame you will procure. Among this menagerie of super beings is one man more powerful than any that walks the earth a hero so strong that he is capable of destroying any enemy or obstacle in his way with a single punch. His name is Saitama the most powerful hero of all time but unfortunately for some odd reason no one seems to know who this man is not that he minds though because he just does the superhero gig for fun.


    One-Punch Man the series is a super hilarious comedic take on what the life of an aspiring superhero would be like especially in a society that treats heroes more like celebrities than civil servants. What makes this show even more hilarious is the incredulous power that Saitama possesses. His strength is simply godlike which should automatically make him the most loved & respected hero on earth right? Well you would be wrong because unfortunately no matter what Saitama does throughout the series he is neither never given the credit he deserves or no one seems to believe that such an unassuming dude would be capable of such god like acts of strength.


    I laughed so much throughout this series due to the sarcastic & nonchalant attitude of Saitama. He honestly doesn’t care about much except finding an opponent that can match his monstrous strength so whenever a villain would be monologuing (I got that from The Incredibles) or everyone else would be panicking because of the gravity of the situation that could result in complete oblivion Saitama would look unaffected or zone out completely. Another character I fell in love with was Genos the young cybernetic hero who completely worships Saitama. Genos is the complete opposite of Saitama always taking everything seriously (a little too seriously if you ask me) & determined to prove that he can be a top class hero. This pair had me in stitches the whole time because of their hilarious interactions.


    I also love how Saitaima is the essentially the equivalent of Deadpool in that the same way Deadpool basically parodies the entire comic book genre Saitama does the same in terms of making fun of anime tropes e.g. whenever Saitama fights powerful enemies he basically flouts all the normal expectations of how a typical anime protagonist behaves during conflict. Although One-Punch Man is a comedy the action scenes are still super awesome & full of tension so when there’s a fight it definitely gets serious well at least until Saitama arrives then it turns into a barrel of laughs for the audience.


    One-Punch Man is a top tier anime series that all of you guys have to watch & I personally cannot wait for season 2 of the show to drop soon!!


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