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Mushishi (2005–2006)

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    Before I get into my review I just want to give an overview on the masterpiece that is Mushishi.

    Mushishi follows Ginko, a Mushishi, who goes from village to village investigating cases that involve Mushi. Mushishi are occult "detectives"/witch doctors of sorts. Mushi are described as being the most basic forms of life in the world. They exist with no purposes aside from just simply existing. They are neither good or evil.They take on many forms and shapes. Not all humans are capable of seeing Mushi, only a handful are, including the Mushishi.

    Mushishi is a tranquil anime series, the main point of focus is the stories. No two episodes are alike. Each episode has a different story that involves Ginko interacting with the Mushi, the villagers and sometimes other Mushishi

    The main reasons why I enjoyed Mushishi are:
    The art style is quite unique
    The colours used (mostly a lot of greens and greys) give off a tranquil feel
    The soundtrack fits perfectly with the art style
    Ginko has white/silver hair and smokes. Everybody knows that anime characters with white/silver hair are too cool
    The fact that Ginko wears "mordern" clothes in an era where everybody else is wearing plain kimonos/yukatas
    The stories are quite interesting and unique

    It's definitely worth the watch

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