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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, 2015

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    Iron-Blooded Orpahans is set in the far flung future where 300 years after an apocalyptic event known as the Calamity War almost destroyed everything the last remnant's of humanity on Earth have organised themselves into new economic blocs who all sustain their economies through the exploitation of non Earthers who reside in space colonies that span the entire Solar system. The most prominent space colony is the Mars settlement where a mineral known as Half metal is the most precious commodity. Martians live a hard life as they are treated as second class citizens with no claim to the riches that Half metal brings to the Earth economic blocs & have no independence.


    Our story begins when a group of Martian child soldiers who have been abused their entire lives are led by the charismatic Orga Atsuka & his right hand man Mikazuki Augus to start a rebellion against their adult masters. When the rebellion is successful the newly formed Tekkedan mercenary group is formed and their first job that they are hired for is to ensure the safe transport of Princess Kudelia Bernstein of Mars to who wishes to meet with the Earth economic blocs in order to advocate for Mars's total independence. They will face numerous obstacles in their perilous journey to Earth including having to battle space pirates, mercenaries & the mighty Gallerjorn corps who are responsible for maintaining order throughout Earth & it's outer sphere colonies.


    The iconic Gundam anime has always had recurring themes or storylines that explore the futility & horror of war which is what has always made it so appealing even to general audiences because of it's willingness to create series that have relevance & depth. Iron Blooded Orphans carry's on this important tradition as it deals with a lot of mature & poignant issues that include the use of child soldiers in war, neo colonialism, discrimination etc. which is the aspect I enjoyed most about Iron Blooded Orphans because of how realistic & relateble the story line is considering that this is a show about giant fighting robots.


    Of course this is still a mecha anime so the main attraction needs to also shine as much as the characters in the series. The Gundam frames are nothing short of awesome and always kick serious butt whenever a mobile suit duel ensues. In conclusion Iron Blooded Orphans is one of the poignant & mature anime I've watched in a long time that I suggest all of you watch immediately. Even if your not inclined to anime about giant fighting robots trust me when I say this series will change your sentiments because the story has astonishing amount of heart.


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