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Mob Psycho 100 (Season 1), 2016

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    "Listen. Just because you have psychic powers doesn't make you any less human"


    Mob Psycho 100 is a surreal science fiction action comedy based on the web comics created the ONE. Mob Psycho focuses on the everyday life of an introverted high school student named Shiego Kageyama also known as “Mob” ( a nickname given to given by his friends & boss). Although Mob may seem to be an unassuming loner with no amazing qualities he’s actually an esper (an individual with psychic abilities) possibly even the most powerful esper to have ever existed.



    Mob is a socially awkward teenager who has very little friends and often can’t even get a conversation going but we realize that the reason for his emotional detachment is because of the fact that he senses that his esper powers are actually extremely dangerous and can overwhelm him when he gets too emotional. So because of this Mob chooses to keep himself grounded and use his psychic abilities as little as possible only using them only in the service of his mentor and boss self-proclaimed exorcist Reigan Arataka in order to purge ghosts from haunted places. However Mob peaceful and mundane life is about to go off the rails as he will soon have to battle giant dimple ghosts, other espers with ego’s the size of the sun, and a dark organization of psychics that seek Mob’s power for their own dastardly plans. Poor Mob in the meantime just wants to go to the gym to build some muscle and get the girl of his dreams.



    ONE once again gives us an anime series that subverts our expectations of an anime protagonist. Just like how Saitama from One Punch man parodies the concept of shonen anime protaganists so too does Mob break all convention as to a main anime character should act. What I love about Mob is how despite how unbelievably powerful he is (I’m talking possibly Dark Phoenix or Legion powerful) in terms of his raw psychic ability he truly is a normal and down to earth teenager trying live the right way and perhaps just make one or two friends. Mob is more concerned with trying to be accepted and be popular than fighting ghosts and other espers which really makes him such an endearing as realistic character because whether you were or currently are a teenager we can all relate to just wanting to be able to make friends without being labelled a weirdo.



    Mob Psycho 100 has a brilliant ridiculous and surreal style of animation that makes you feel like you might have eaten one too many shrooms before watching the opening and this just helps to enhance the series in terms of showcasing the scale of and weirdness of this wild world of psychics. The show like its sibling series One Punch Man boasts exceptionally good comedic moments that will have you in stiches (especially because of characters like Reigan Arataka who is basically a fraud posing an expert of the occult). The fight scenes are also some of the trippiest I’ve ever seen and so I have to applaud studio BONES on giving the animators complete and total creative freedom to make Mob Psycho look as uniquely crazy as it does. Definitely one of the best anime I’ve seen in years and a great adrenaline shot to the genre of anime to keep the medium on the lookout for new stories and styles to use in order to create more future classics.



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