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Kuroko No Basket, 2011

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    "So long as I don't give up, the possibility of winning will never fall to zero."


    Kuroko No Basket is a sports anime series based on the manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.



    In the world of Japanese high school basketball ball through an act of destiny a group of five prodigies all blessed with unbelievable individual skill enrolled together at Teiko middle school & formed an unstoppable team that would go on to dominate the basketball world. This group of players would be nicknamed the Generation of Miracles but among this team of basketball prodigies there was a sixth phantom member known as Kuroko Testuya. When it becomes time to enter high school each member of the generation of miracles joins a different prestigious basketball oriented school in order to prove which member is truly the best. Kuroko seeks to prove to the world & his former teammates that his own basketball philosophy is the best by joining Seirin High School a team who are considered underdogs with great potential.



    Kuroko No Basket is the first sports anime I've had the pleasure watching and thankfully I was not disappointed. Following the exploits of the Seirin high school with their never give up mentality & resilience proved to be both extremely poignant & bundles of fun. One of the best aspects of the series is how it deals with the idea of relying individualism versus genuine team work in the pursuit of victory.



    Throughout the series we are shown countless examples of young talented athletes who only rely on themselves to win and how this mentality only creates people that are self absorbed and egotistical loners. Kuroko firmly believes in his philosophy of teamwork not only because it's the best way to win on the court but also to show that you don't have to rely on yourself & that through working together you create important bonds with your teammates that can blossom into meaningful friendships.



    Kuroko No Basket is an awesome fast paced and emotionally charged joy ride filled with high & lows that will keep you gripped till the very last game. If you have never gotten into sports anime this show is the ideal introduction in the sub genre and yes it is just as exhilarating as any shonen anime you may have watched.


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