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Kill la Kill, 2013

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    “Fear is freedom. Subjugation is liberation. Contradiction is truth. These are the facts of this world. And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!”


    Kill la Kill is a magical girl action comedy directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi.



    The story takes place in a high school called Honnouji Academy based in Honno City. Honnouji academy is not like any other high school though as the institution runs more like an army barracks with the students having to endure an extremely draconian regime where the weak prey on the strong. The strong in this case are the fearsome student council and their personal foot soldiers who all answer to the command of the authoritarian student council president Satsuki Kiyriuin. All of Satsuki Kiriyuins personal forces possess special school uniforms known as Goku Uniforms that allow the wearers to develop augmented super powered abilities making it impossible for anyone to stand against the student councils tyranny. However all this changes when a rebel student known as Ryuko Matoi enrolls at Hounnouji and starts causing upsetting the balance of power by challenging other Goku uniform wearers to fights in order to get closer to the student council president because Ryoku believes she is the one who killed her late scientist father when she was a child. What follows is a wild adventure where Ryuko & her best friend Mako Mankanshoku must face the challenge of having fight & work her up the power structure of the Honnouji academy student council in order to face the big boss herself President Satski Kyriuin.



    If there were one way to describe the wild ride that is Kill la kill it would probably be accurate to call it the sexy stripper version Sailor Moon. Kill la Kill is a great show because it completely subverts and flips the magical girl genre on its head specifically with ridiculously over the top characters including the main protagonist herself. Everyone’s super powered Goku uniforms have their own unique special abilities so it is both hilarious and awesome to see how goofy or downright weird some special attacks look when two characters duke it out. This is one of those anime series that is highly self-aware & flaunts it’s silliness at every turn by parodying every known anime trope you can think of e.g. exaggeration of transformation sequences, endless fan service, typical anime pervy behavior, over the top special techniques that make absolutely no sense but just work somehow in this show.



    Kill la Kill also has a plethora of bad ass and lovable characters especially our heroine Ryuko who has to go down as one of the coolest female anime characters to date. Mako is definitely also one of those characters who ends up being fan favorite with her never-ending airhead antics and goofy behavior guaranteed to leave you in stitches. Kill la Kill is a great palate cleanser when you are in need to cool off after watching an emotionally heavy anime series or your just feeling down and are in need of a few laughs. After watching this series you will never view magical girls in anime as boring or corny ever again.



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