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Hunter x Hunter, 2011

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    "Gon, you are light. But sometimes you shine so brightly, I must look away… Even so, is it still okay if I stay at your side?”



    Hunter x Hunter is a shonen adventure anime series which tells the story of Gon Freeces a young adventurer who wishes to venture to the outside world on a personal quest to become a Hunter but more importantly to find his long lost biological father who was known as the world's greater Hunter as well. In this world Hunters are individuals with special abilities and great strength who specialize in all sorts of amazing fields like treasure hunting, bounty hunting, archaeology etc. On his quest Gon will meet future life long friends Killua, Kurapika & Leorio who will help him along his quest as well as fight along side him against an endless multitude of dangerous villains across various stages of the series.



    Hunter x Hunter is a brilliant anime that takes place in an expansive, bright & weird world which is what makes it so awesome you immediately get enveloped the grandness of this world from the first time Gon signs up to take the Hunter Exam. However although it's defiantly got an overarching theme of adventure HxH doesn't stick to one theme and each arc offers it's own unique story line filled with epic action, gorgeous visuals & a wild assortment of unique characters good & bad.



    One of the best aspects of the show is the deep bond between Gon & Killua who become best friends off the bat. Their friendship is so adorable and you can't end up but swooning whenever they just having downtime as bro's or fighting alongside each other. Another aspect of the show that I found interesting was how morally ambiguous a lot of the characters are. Although its obvious Gon as the protagonist is on the side of doing what is right we see throughout the show instances where characters often commit acts that are deemed evil. There are no traditional villains in the show and this makes the series interesting as it forgoes the typical good vs bad trope present in most shonen anime.



    In conclusion Hunter x Hunter is defiantly one of the best anime of all time within the shonen genre and it will not disappoint you as it's got awesome world building, sorrow, great character development, relatable characters across the spectrum of good & bad & fights with pristine visuals that will take your breathe away. Give it a shot you wont regret it !!


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