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Fooly Cooly (2000)

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    Fooly Cooly (aka Furi Kuri/FLCL) centres around a young boy named Naota. Naota lived a normal, mundane, suburban life until a woman on a bright yellow Vespa, Hakuro, comes to town and EVERYTHING goes haywire. Hakuro is looking for people with something called NO, a component responsible for long distance space travel that is accessed most commonly through a blow to the head with a presumably special electric guitar; that's how Canti, Naota's family's robot butler/servant/"tv"/"microwave" comes into play.
    A series packed with neat symbolism, wild animation sequences, and really incredible music (OMG the music!!!), Fooly Cooly artistically blends together everything that otherwise wouldn't make sense as stand alone components.

    Though I have to admit the story is a bit WTF and most of the characters are almost as important to the story as the colour blue to grass. This series finds a way to lose and find itself over and over again until it all starts coming together towards the end, hopefully all before losing you.
    With only 6 episodes that come in at under 25 minutes each, you can't censure it for how fast-paced the (nearly nonexistent) plot line is. The storytelling interlaces themes in an all-over-the-place fashion that compliments the inconsistent and sometimes pointlessly comical animation style; while this might leave some viewers lost, it's this very structure that makes Fooly Cooly the funny, exciting and unpredictable artwork that it is.

    Action packed, a tad dramatic, and with all it's glorious innuendo (sometimes a bit inappropriate) Fooly Cooly is a coming-of-age story that keeps on cumming (this is kinda how the sex jokes go throughout the whole thing).
    It portrays the seemingly quick transition into adolescence, touching on subjects such as jealousy, sexuality, power and self awareness, through devices such as symbolism and subtext. With beautifully animated action scenes over an incredible soundtrack provided by the band The Pillows, FOOLY COOLY is a fooly cooly way to burn 2,5 hours if you're going to watch it all in one sitting (a recommendation, actually). You're sure to come across something new with every rewatch (another recommendation).

    There's alien robots and guns and a space pirate and things

    I don't know if I'm required to give a rating or not, so I won't. You'll LOVE it if it's your cup of tea, you'll HATE it if it's not :')

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