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Erased, 2016

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    The future is always blank. Only your willpower can leave footsteps there


    Erased is a supernatural detective drama series based on the manga written by Kei Sanbe.



    On the surface our protagonist Satoru Fujinuma is an unremarkable 29 year old guy working at the local pizza store and trying to kick-start his faltering manga artist career. Satoru also lives with the regret of not being able to stop an innocent man from being framed for the murder of his fellow primary school classmates that occurred eighteen years ago. However Satoru unbeknownst to everyone including his own family happens to have a secret special ability known as “Revival” which allows him to go back in time whenever a bad event is about to occur. His ability only allows him to go back a few seconds though so Satoru doesn’t really see his power as more of a nuisance then a gift. That is until one day his mother is murdered after she identifies a killer who was responsible for a spate of horrific child murders that occurred back in Satoru’s home town when he was still in primary school. This traumatic event unintentionally kicks his “Revival” ability into hyper drive and allows him to go back eighteen years into the past which provides him with a chance to save his mother in the present by solving the murder mystery that has haunted him all throughout his life.



    Erased is a really awesome and unique take on the detective drama by providing a supernatural spin. The show does a splendid job of exploring a major aspect of our lives that we all suffer from which the regret of living with making the wrong choices or not being able to go back in time to fix your mistakes. That is what makes this show all the more appealing as the viewer gets to vicariously live out their own fantasies of restorative time travel so we are rooting for Satoru all the till the very end to catch the real killer who has tormented his entire life.



    Erased also doesn’t shy away from dealing with the potential dangers that children face on a daily basis from domestic abuse, being kidnapped and being killed it deals with a lot of troubling and disturbing aspects about the dangers of our world without sugar coating it in any way. If you’re in the mood for a really well written detective story about redemption & forgiving yourself for past mistakes then this anime is for you.


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