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Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion, 2006

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    "The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone"


    Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion or simply Code Geass is a Sci-Fi Mecha anime directed Goro Taniguchi & written by Ichiro Okouchi.
    The world of Code Geass is set in an alternate timeline where Britain successfully colonized the Americas and went on to establish the Holy Britannian Empire a global superpower that controls over one third of the world. In an attempt to control this world's most valuable natural resource (Securadite) Britannia unilaterally invaded Japan and defeated them in the ensuing war. This resulted in Japan being colonized and renamed as Area 11 stripping the Japanese of their culture & freedom.


    Our story begins seven years after the colonization of Japan & follows the protagonist Lelouch Lamprouge an unassuming student at Ashford Academy (who's true idendity is Lelouch Vii Britannia 16th Prince of the Britannian empire ) with an unrivaled intellect but little motivation to use it. One fateful day Lelouch gets caught in the chaos of a skirmish between the Britannian army & millitant liberation movement seeking to free Japan from it's cruel colonisers. During the fighting Lelouch encounters a mysterious green haired girl who in her dying moments bestows upon him the power of Geass which grants him the ability to make anyone who makes direct eye contact with him obey his every command without question. Lelouch uses this godlike power to band together with the Japanese liberation movement to start The Black Rebellion in the hopes that it will defeat the Britannian colonizers & collapse the entire Holy Britannian Empire.


    I adored this anime so much because of it's epic scale, beautiful settings, well developed characters & its shocking cliff hangers. The pacing of the story in Code Geass never slows down so don't be surprised if you end on an intense binge watching spree. Code Geass is a mature series which has many real world parallels as it deals with numerous socio-political issues like violent colonial oppression, exploitation ,poverty, greed, xenophobia & the lack of political will to change things for the better for all citizens on planet Earth.


    As I mentioned before Code Geass possesses a wealth of well developed characters who each have their own complex & often tragic motivations for their actions. The protaganist Lelouch is the most intriguing character of all because of his willingness to commit immoral acts in the pursuit of achieving what he deems to be the greater good making him the quintessential anti hero. His actions bring up interesting questions about our own black/white view of morality in general. Lelouch's character arc is wondrous to behold as we witness him having to deal with the tragedy of loss, the guilt from all the lives he has inadvertently taken & his ultimate goal to achieve world peace at any cost by defeating the Brittanian Empire.


    I'm also a huge nerd for the Mecha genre within anime so that was also a huge reason why I fell in love with Code Geass. The number one weapon of choice in the Code Geass world are giant robots called Knightmare Frames which are a cross between the LFO's from Eureka Seven and the Eva's from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Knightmare frame duels never disappoint especially between the special custom Knightframes like the Lancelot or the Gurren Mach 2.


    Many anime fans/critics have noted the similarities between Death Note & Code Geass. In my honest opinion although they both have the same themes I strongly believe that Code Geass is superior because of its engaging story line and the fact that Lelouch is a more well developed character than Light the protagonist from Death Note. One could even say Code Geass is Death Note done right. All in all Code Geass is a fantastic ride from beginning to end that I strongly recommend to both veteran & new anime fans.



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