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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (2011)

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    I'm gonna use the term "noitaminA anime" to refer to a specific group of shows which aired on Fuji TV's noitaminA block, a late-night programming block which was developed in order to acquaint a greater portion of the Japanese audience to anime. The reason why I mention noitaminA at all is because I'm a great fan of their short but intricate stories and amazing characters. To this level of praise, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is no stranger - so let's get to it!


    19-year-old Yoga Kimimaro is an Economics student in university who lives alone, struggling to make ends meet. His life changes forever; however, when one night, a strange man in a top hat appears at Kimimaro's home. The man, who goes by the name Murasaki, convinces Kimimaro to accompany him to the Financial District, an alternate realm flowing with money if one chooses to put up their future as collateral. Initially reluctant, Kimimaro agrees and becomes an "Entre", an individual who has to return to the Financial District every week to participate in weekly battles known as "Deals" against other Entres. The stakes? His very future.


    With everything being wrapped up in eleven concise episodes, the show seems a little bit lacking in terms of expanding upon main characters like Kimimaro and his avatar, Masha. However, the losses incurred by some of the supporting characters in their deals are heavy and one can see the devastation that can be brought to their lives as a result of participation in the financial district. I still think that they could have done more with it if they had stretched the story out over more episodes; however, such is not the trend shown by noitaminA shows.

    It is short and sweet, but C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is a profound anime that manages to stay in memory for a very long time after watching. This is due to the dark themes which run throughout the series, such as greed, abandonment and disappointment, which are prevalent in both Kimimaro, as well as the majority of the other characters present in the series. For an anime this short, its impact is large - if more people knew about the Money of Soul and Possibility Control, more people would be able to understand the true value that currency holds in our modern existence.

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