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Babylon, 2019

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    As someone who has watched and completed as much anime as I have, you start to develop a skill whereby you can tell if the anime will get good and be worth it at the end or if it's not worth your time and you can drop it. I have to say my skill was off when it came to this particular series because nothing could have prepared me for the disappointment and the feeling of loss at the end of this 12 episode anime

    Babylon is a crime thriller based on a novel of the same name (which I have not read) and follows detective Zen Seizaki as he initially investigates a pharmaceutical company that is into shady dealings but is soon pulled into a government conspiracy in which people are manipulated to embrace a new legislation trying to legalize committing suicide. Sounds interesting right? Sure, at first the show tries to show both sides of whether allowing people to freely commit suicide is good or bad and it does it stunningly well but the issue comes in the writing where it feels like the writers have this big ideas but are too much in a rush and try to squeeze them all in the 12 episodes

    The series can be perfectly divided into the good being the first 7 episodes and the terrible latter 5 episodes. The series starts off well introducing us to the main antagonist in the 2nd episode in what of the most thrilling interrogation scenes I have seen, we are also introduced to Kaika Itsuki who could've perfectly played the role of the secondary antagonist but that entire plot thread is forgotten with the series opting to move our main character into the world stage where he has to protect the president of the USA. What?! Yes, the series instead chooses to focus on how legalization of suicide on an international level can affect the populace, which is not a bad thing but could've done with a some building up of those plot threads. In the end most characters we were introduced to initially are dropped and we are forced to care about the new characters we are suddenly introduced to, this ends up in a very messy ending where the main antagonist of the series suddenly reappears and a very underwhelming confrontation is forced upon us.

    Would I recommend this show? Only if you have nothing better to do with your life or if you're a Game Of Thrones fan since you're already used to disappointing endings.

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