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Attack on Titan (Season 1, 2 & 3), 2013

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    “You can't change anything unless you can discard part of yourself too. To surpass monsters, you must be willing to abandon your humanity"


    Attack on Titan is an dystopian action anime series based on the manga works of Hajime Isayama. The story of Aot is set in a far flung dystopian future where out of nowhere giant human formed monsters called Titans appeared and ravaged the earth’s human population. No one knew what the purpose of the Titans was other than the fact that the seemed solely created to eat human beings. The last vestiges of humanity established a city protected by giant encircling walls that separated each district. For one hundred years humanity lived in peace until one day by the town of Shiganshina a towering colossal Titan and golden armored Titan broke down the main outer wall causing chaos and devastation on a level never seen before which resulted in unspeakable losses. But one child’s loss was especially heart-breaking as he witnessed his own mother being eaten alive by a Titan and from that day forth he swore an oath to kill every last Titan standing and finally explore the long lost outside world that resided beyond the walls. This young boy’s name is Eren Jaeger the main protagonist of Aot and he is one of many characters that fights for the cause of freeing humanity from the oppression of the Titans.



    In season one five years after the fall of wall Maria Eren and his two best friends Mikasa and Armin have decided to take matters into their own hands in order to avenge all those that were killed on that fateful day. The young cadets join the military to be trained in the hopes that they will be able to fight Titans and protect humanity. The trio along with other promising young soldiers graduate from the academy but they will have to prove their resolve almost immediately as the colossal titan reappears and threatens the city this being only the beginning of more startling and epic events that will ensue throughout the series. The first season of Aot is nothing short of brilliant as we are flung head first into this cruel and strange world of the city in the walls and the Titans that threaten humanity’s existence on a daily basis. I loved everything about season 1 specifically the unique way that soldiers utilize a special steam punk style gear known as Omni-Directional Mobility gear ( or ODM gear for short) to be able to swing and fly around in order to kill Titans. The visuals of ODM gear being used to fight Titans in the series are so spectacular that they can easily put any memories of Spider man swinging in New York city to shame. The cast of the series are also great from the relatable protagonist Eren Jaeger to the strong heroine Mikasa Ackerman to their mutual best friend and resident smart guy Armin Altert and finally my personal favourite character Captain Levi the quintessential bad ass who makes killing giant man eating monsters look like child’s play. Even other supporting characters in the show are very well written and fleshed and no one feels like they’re there to just make up the numbers or simply be a plot device. Season one has to go down as one of the best introductions of any anime and the story line never falls flat or wavers in the twists and turns right up until the very shocking reveal at the end of the last episode.



    Season two begins directly after the events of the previous season where Eren realizes that his father has left him a mysterious clue that could reveal the origins of the Titans and the walls that protect humanity however before Eren can embark on the journey to the ruins of his ruined home in Shiganshina to learn of this secret Titans unbelievably start appearing in the human lands within the walls which shouldn’t be possible. Eren and the rest of the scout regiment must act quickly to solve this mystery before an extinction level event occurs. I personally did not enjoy season two as much as I would have liked considering that season one was so good. Season two felt too prolonged and very confusing considering the amount of strange reveals and twists that were introduced. The story line spent too much time on flashbacks and dropping easter eggs that would only pay off later for viewers as the show progresses. That being said season two did a very good job of making the mystery of the Titans all the more worthwhile to want to solve which would leave us as the viewer hungry for more and ensure our long term devotion to the series. Season two of Aot also redeems itself with of the most epic betrayals in all of anime history that will leave you reeling and desperate for answers that just won’t come quick enough.



    Season three (part one) begins with the Scout regiments soldiers being hunted down by the military police and framed by the government in a coordinated smear campaign. Eren, Levi, Armin, Mikasa and their fellow team members have to dig deep by using guerrilla tactics to fight their way towards clearing their names whilst simultaneously trying to discover the truth about the Royal family that rules the city within the walls. Season three is a true masterpiece that possessed the fervent pacing and epic storytelling that I enjoyed from season one also I appreciated how the story line focused delving into the politics of the world of Aot which added a riveting conspiracy and thriller aspect to the series. Season three also boasts epic action sequences (my favorite scene involving captain Levi having to outrun the military police in episode two) especially because the military police introduce a new type of ODM gear (known as anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment) created specifically to kill humans so the duels are a delight to behold.



    Attack on Titan is really one of the greatest anime series to ever grace and screens and is undoubtedly one of the most popular series in the world right because of its crisp visuals, interesting story , frightful giant flesh-eating monsters and well written cast. If you haven’t watch it already hurry up and binge the first three season before the second part of season three debuts in April 2019.


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