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What is Tiny Couch Review®?

Tiny Couch Review is a South African entertainment review aggregator and user community for anime, books, film, games, music and television. This platform gives fans from across all aforementioned entertainment categories the chance to offer their own personal opinions on the type of content they so often indulge in. This type of platform then gives the consumer power over what they consume, which ultimately influences brands to produce better, quality material to improve the review narrative of their products.

Tiny Couch Review lets its users compile their entertainment journal. This is a platform for entertainment enthusiasts from all spheres to share their opinion and taste with friends and the world. User collections of reviews can be a reference each time a friend asks for suggestions on what to read, watch, play or listen to.

Users can rate, review, or simply read through other users' reviews to discover new entertainment. Users can also comment on reviews to discuss and interact with the particular reviewers or other users who share the same interest in the content reviewed.

What is the Tiny-rater®?

Tiny Couch's Tiny-rater aims to give a general concept of how good or bad the content reviewed is. But the rater leaves room for an individual to give the content a chance so they may come to their own personalised verdict regarding the particular content.

The Tiny-rater detaches itself from a shallow system where the content's worth is merely based on an overall number or badge. This is why we let our users calculate the content's overall score/percentage (using our secret measuring formula) at their own discretion. Find out more about this below.

How does Tiny-rater® work?

The user (critic) who reviews the content can not give a rigid rating of the content they review. Instead, the site's users who come across the particular review and have consumed the content reviewed get to have a say in whether the content is worthy or not; by simply rating it "Super Worthy!" Or "Time-passer!" on the Tiny-rater.

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Super Worthy = the content is worth the average person's while
• This is the Tiny-rater's good/positive rating. Though it is not rigid. Overall enjoyment may be higher or lower based on individual preferences.

Time-passer = the content may not be for everyone; may be super good or super bad based on individual taste.
• This is generally the Tiny-rater's bad/negative rating. Though it encourages users to give the content a chance so they may decide for themselves whether it is good or bad.

* Users visiting the site may search for and go through the different reviews available by other users on the site, and rate the content they've already consumed to add to their overall rating.

Tiny-rater® secret measuring formula:

The Tiny-rater has a secret measuring formula/meter which users can put into practice at their own discretion to determine a content's overall rating (percentage out of a 100).

Formula: positive reviews ÷ sum of positive plus negative reviews × 100 = overall percentage/score
• So: 50 ÷ 70 (20 negative reviews) × 100 = 71.42%

This is how users can decide how worthy or how bad the content in question is; by how high or low a percentage they have. Though, always keep in mind that, overall, the rater's objective is to give the user perspective on whether the content in question is overall enjoyable or not- according to other users. While also encouraging users to explore the content in question themselves so to come to their own personalised verdict.

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