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10 Foreign Language TV Show to Binge Watch in 2020

It’s a brand new year, a brand new decade so of course its only right that I bless yall with a tiny10’s list filled with awesome, epic, addictive foreign TV shows that’s going to keep yall busy for a month or two. In the fourth part of the “10 FOREIGN LANGUAGE TV SHOWS TO BINGE WATCH” I’ve complied a pretty spectacular list, so let’s get started!

#1. Mortel.

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This French Netflix series has got everything I need in a supernatural TV show, magic in the form of voodoo, “complicated teens”, great music and of course epic-ish love stories. Mortel follows two teen boys who are given superpowers by a god who is trapped in the mortal realm, the boys try to use their new found powers to solve a missing person case. Mortel can sometimes fall flat but at certain moments it shines with greatness and you get a show that’s got so much potential and will leave you wanting more.


#2. Instinto.

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Instinto is basically Spain’s answer to fifty shades but in TV form. This show is sexy, intense, and sometimes melodramatic however it makes for addictive viewing. The BDSM stuff is literally better then what we saw in the fifty shades films and here they kinda take up a notch, I mean in one of the episodes somebody gets their vagina spank with a wooden thingy (hot right?). Despite all the sex Instinto is a show about how past traumas (sometimes hidden from us) can she who we become and even influence our sexual desire. The bombshell dropped in the final episode still has me gagging.


#3. Ragnarok.

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Based on the Norse mythology, Ragnarok like Mortel follows a teen boy who has been given the powers of a god. This time that god is Thor. The boy must then use his new god of thunder powers to fight climate change and an ancient evil that’s basically Thor’s mortal enemies. The show has its faults but it plays like something from the 2000’s decade with 2010’s aesthetic. The writing is a bit sloppy and I would have loved more Norse mythology and less angst teen drama but hopefully season actually gets to the Ragnarok stuff, you know the stuff where the world goes to shit.

#4. Ares.

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Ares is dark, twisted and delicious. It follows a biracial young adult who joins a highly prestigious school but at what cost? This Netflix Dutch series is creepy and twisted for all the right reasons as we see that the powerful Dutch built their empire off the blood of slaves. Playing like a horror frat/sorority series, Ares is actually about much deeper things like racism, class, the Dutch slave trade, Dutch colonialism and to top it all off Ares features stellar writing and beautiful cinematography.

#5. Mary And Mike.
Think “The Americans” but Chilean. Mary and Mike follows a couple who work for a Chilean dictatorship as they work to bring down the opposition by any means necessary. The series is very stylish and intriguing, though it suffers from cliché’s but that’s okay because the action certainly make up for the problems it has. We also can’t help but root for Mary and Mike even though morally, and probably legally they are the bad guys.

#6. Bez Vedomi (The Sleepers).
This very political series follows Marie and her husband Victor who are political exiles from Czechoslovakia, they return on the eve of a revolution but they get into a car accident and when Marie wakes up Victor has gone missing. The good sis must now figure out if her husband has been taken by their enemies from the past or did something else happen to him.

#7. El Vecino (The Neighbor).
Stop me if you’ve heard this before, an alien bestows superpowers on a down and out loser and tasks him in being a hero. That’s exactly what this awesome superhero show from Spain is about. It’s got so much heart and comedy that it never feels out of balance but more wholesome. The show does what very little superhero related film/TV fail to do by actually making it about the people and places that make the hero. We see who he truly is and what kind of potential he has through the neighbourhood and its inhabitants. What a brilliant watch.

#8. Wir Sind Die Welle (We Are The Wave).
It’s very political, it’s about capitalism, the environment, racism and a messed up society and it’s just a little bit iconic to me. This is German television at it its best, TV that dares to ask the questions that needs to be asked, and takes actions that need to be taken. The characters in the show do exactly that, they’re young and fed up and ready to change the world and that means doing things no one else is willing to do. However it does get a bit teen drama here and there but still slaps.

#9. Onisciente (Omniscient).
Imagine a world where there’s very little crime and it’s peaceful kinda like a Utopia but the price for that is your privacy? Well in this Brazilian Netflix series that world is all too real. In this world humans are monitored 24/7 by tiny drones naked to the human eye that capture everything including crimes and reports them, so when a man is murdered and no one saw a thing including the drones, of course some awesome shit is about go down.

#10. Juda.
At first glance this show seems like a goofy mess but as it progressed, we got a lovely show about vampires and the Jewish (imagine that). In the show Juda is bitten by a vampire but unbeknownst to the vampire, Juda is Jewish and the Jewish are off limits to all vampires because it is prophesied that a Jewish vampire will be the undoing of the undead. It’s sometimes messy, sometimes funny but man it was a good watch especially watching Juda struggle with his new found power.

The world truly is in the golden age of television. Stay tuned for the next list featuring even more awesome international television.

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