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20190209 082214

Top 5 “New” R&B/Soul EPs Right Now

Sometimes, nothing gets a millennial off faster than the persuasion of a sultry voice over a moody 808. If you fit into this typecast, I have some sweet and heartsick, rainy weather jams for you below.



5. Lexie Liu - 2030

20190209 082333

Lexie Lui infuses K-Pop synths and “new” R&B (“Trapsoul”) vibes to sulk about how much love can be a growing pain. She sings and raps in both English and Chinese, making for an interesting new wave in the mainstream scene.


4. Lucky Daye - II

20190209 082347

Lucky Daye leans more towards the Jazz/Funk genre, while quipping and cooing to the lady of subject the old-school R&B way. This is purely wine on a rainy evening music.

3. Summer Walker - Clear

20190209 082400

Summer Walker offers a soulful, unplugged take on modern, young love. Her voice is charismatic and soothing, so much so that you'll often find yourself swaying and praising as though she's not singing about her heart being completely obliterated half the time.

2. Lou Val - Don't Look Now

20190209 082412

Lou Val's take on love and love-adjacents is equivalent to taking a slow ride at midnight with the windows down, a soft breeze caressing your face while you hold yourself back from driving off the hill over the next turn.

1. Pink Sweat$ - Volume 1

20190209 082427

Pink Sweat$ is probably one of the most convincing R&B/Soul singers we'll get in a long while. His warm yet piercing voice will mesmerise you into wishing you had someone you shared that something special with.

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