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Tiny10’s Presents: 10 Fantasy Horror Films to Watch this October

It’s spooky season and boy do I have a great tiny10’s list for you guys. I’ll be recommending 10 fantasy horror films and every week for the month of Scaretober, I’ll be dropping something for you horror geeks on tinycouchreview site, so be sure to check in.

Let’s get this list started, shall we?

#1. Trollhunter.
This film is one of the few great mockumentaries ever made. Trollhunter (Trolljegeren) has the right amount of scares, humour and trolls to land itself on this list.
#2. Crimson Peak.
Guillermo Del Toro is one of the few fantasy masters of our time and this fantasy horror gothic is proof of that. A film with scares and Jessica Chastain, I mean what more do you want?
#3. Tale of Tales.
Hollywood has given us many reworkings of classic grimm fairytales and they continue to do so but Matteo Garrone gives us the best reworking out of all them. Tale of Tales is dark, scary and often twisted but one thing it never loses is the true meaning of the grimm fairytale.
#4. Viy.
If you’re an @lucid_unicorn follower on twitter, you’d know that I absolutely adore this Russian flick, though lacking in the scares and gore, it makes up for it in the high fantasy story telling department and in my book that’s kinda of a win.

#5. Tokyo Gore Police.

I mean it’s in the name, but this film deserves to be on this list because of its WHAT THE F**K elements. Yoshihiro Nishimura really gave us a dystopian gore fantasy film, we have no choice but to stan.

#6. Anna and the Apocalypse.

This is one of my favourite Christmas films ever. It’s one-part fantasy, one-part horror and all parts musical. You didn’t know that you need to see British teens fighting off zombies and singing about it until now.

#7. Good Manners.

Good Manners is a super unique film kinda like Anna and the Apocalypse. However Good Manners is weirder, it’s like if all the people at Disney decided to smoke crack and actual make a good film but a weird good film with pregnancies, werewolves and singing.

#8. Mandy.

Talking about weird this film is right up there, but this masterpiece gives us Nicolas Cage at his craziest and features him in an epic chainsaw fight. WHAT MORE DO YOU GUYS WANT?? A CHAINSAW FIGHT!

#9. The Head Hunter.

For you guys that love medieval stuff you’ll enjoy this tale about a guy who goes around collecting heads in search of the monster that killed his daughter years ago. The FUCKING ENDING!!

#10. Triangle.

Melissa George did what she had to do in this movie, and man what a brilliant movie this is. It’s horrifying, entertaining and gave me one of the best twists I have seen in cinema. To this day I’m still shook.

And that’s it for this tiny10’s list, stay clicked for more awesome spooktober content on the site.

“My teeth are extra sharp, my body's extra hairy. I'm running in the dark, I love you so much, it's scary…” – Bob’s Burgers.

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