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Spotify SA for the Movie Lover

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  • On 21/03/2018

Movie soundtracks are an important part of the experience. To cinephile is to be a collector of soundtracks. It's not very often that you get a platform that gathers all your favourite composers for easy access, so that you may always have just the cinematic experience you crave long after your favourite movie is done. Spotify satisfyingly has in mind and accomodates the movie lover!


Popular Playlists

The the Popular Playlists option under the category "TV & Movies" sets to get you all warmed up. Seeing what others are regularly playing is always a great sentiment that makes you feel like you're an actual human being making actual human contact (gasp!) in the age of device-to-human relationships a la Her.

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This quirk also gives you an idea of what people out there are watching and enjoying. As cinephiles we thrive on (person-to-person, and definitely not some random detached blog out there that's telling us to watch based on bias or agenda) recommendations from peers. So this feature might be great for when you've torn through all your movies and quickly need some new ones to watch for that quick fix, or a soothing OST to have a quiet dinner to on that alone-time Tuesday night.

The soundtracks

Interface and functionalities

Spotify has one of the most gorgeous, compelling player interfaces, all fitted with high-quality cover resolution and adaptivity. The resolution doesn't delay the speed that the cover image takes to load, as the image loads and effortlessly adapts instantly. The accent theme puts a misty, see-through cloak over the cover art which makes it all the more melancholic, cinematic an experience.

Spotify understands that we're in 2018 and we're all about aesthetics, baby! The tinier, thinner and more minimal the icons the better (I'm looking at you Apple Music, with your unnecessarily large, thick ass icons- that I personally can't get used to)

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You can pair your mobile device with any one of your other devices just by logging in with the same account, to then use your mobile device as a remote control. This works for when you want something louder than what your phone speakers or earphones can offer, for when you want to prance about the house like the Black Swan you are. You can also pair your device with a Bluetooth speaker for that extra boom!

Sometimes there are tracks we don't want to hear within the entire album offering, no matter how much we adore the artist. We'd previously have to soldier through that 3-6 minute song, torturing ourselves because we sometimes have our hands deep in the abyss of a kitchen sink, or we're busy scrubbing the stench of the world off our bodies in the bath/shower at the end of a long day, thus not being able to get to the skip button soon enough. This isn't a problem anymore though, as Spotify dexterously gets it and lets us "not play this (song) again".

You also have general functionalities such as adding your song of choice to a playlist. You can also "like" and "share" songs meaningful to you with friends, family or social media. A quirk that comes with all this is that Spotify monitors your activity closely so to individualise, personalise your experience on their platform. What's more comforting, since us humans want to be kept in the know so we can control everything (huff!), is that they leave little cute notes at the bottom of your screen to let you know what they plan to do with the activity you've just commited to. If you like a song for example you get a "We'll play more music like this".

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The composers

You can also "View Artist". This option basically takes you on a little tour of the artist, to let you know a little more about the artist and naturally offer more songs/albums by said artist. If you, say, have beef with a particular composer, you're given the power to never hear music by this artist again, until you of course decide otherwise.
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The "View Artist" option also instantly gives you other albums/playlists that you might also like that are a compilation of the artist's best works, or tracks inspired by this composer. You are also offered the opportunity to quickly view and explore artists similar to your composer of choice, so you're able to expand your library efficiently in line with your distinct taste.
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Movie and TV lovers enjoy listening to others voice their opinions on movies daily as much as they do. This why the movie opinion section on Youtube (overseas, anyway. South Africans still have to catch-up here) is booming. A music platform that not only includes OSTs but podcasts for movies as well? A win! I'm personally won over right now.
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