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Nu Jazz Sounds and Feeding Your Experiences: Five Artists to Get Familiar With

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  • On 25/01/2018

I can't get enough of emotive, paronamic music. Music that places you at the bar, in your flame's warm embrace, at a riverside on a summer's morning with all your favourite persons. I'm talking about atmospheric music that is both rich in harmony and effortless in progression. I like to experience the waves and the crackles as the beat switches. Feel my self ascend as the comfort of an instrument smoothly glides in. Music can be spiritual if you have the right kind of sounds within your each. This is why I've prepared the list below to share.


One thing all these brilliant musicians below have in common is their masterful artistry. They care for their sound to be a pure experience, an emotional adventure. They capture and embody existence itself in their compositions so well that the music feels like a familiar ground. Like sounds drawn from our ancestors' bones yet consciously present. These instrumentalists are supremely talented.

Hopefully someone out there enjoys these alternate sounds as much as I did!

1. Anomalie

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Stream their album Metropole below

2. Moose Dawa

A1949928867 16

Stream their album Reflekt below

3. Joomanji

A0963256543 16

Stream their album Manj below

4. Elijah Nang

A2915260830 16

Stream their album Lost in Japan below

5. Xavi Reija

A2787021437 16

Stream their album Reflections below

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