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  • On 01/11/2017

I've found movies helping me cope through my mental health battles more than I could've ever hoped for. Especially movies which address what I am going through (depression). I've found myself relating to the characters and finding solace in them more than I had ever felt before. We all know that movies are a good escape but, boy, I didn't imagine them providing some form of healing, acceptance and/or comfort for me. This is why I've compiled the lists below; I'm hoping that they reach and help one other person out there through the battle with their mental health.


What can we help you with today?



I'm depressed and need some movies I can relate to.

I'm dealing with a mental illness. I need movies that focus on people living with such conditions.

I have an eating disorder and need some movies with characters like myself.

I have a drug/alcohol problem. I'd like a couple of movies honestly depicting what it's like to deal with this everyday.

I'm not sure. I just know something is wrong. Do you have some movies for me that can help me figure it out?

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