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More 10 Foreign Language Tv Shows To Binge Watch.

I’m back with top 10 foreign language TV shows to binge watch (part 3) and this time we’re all about those really good and really addictive, super binge watchy shows that will have you gagging. If you’re not watching these shows you’re not living.

And let’s start with #10 shall we?!

#10. Koukussa (Hooked). When Krista returns home to Finland after being gone for 16 years due to her drug addiction, her ex-boyfriend and now narco detective must protect his family from Krista but things get complicated when he must work with Krista in order to bring down a drug ring. Love, drugs and a whole lotta family drama makes Koukussa one top notch series.

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#9. Warrior (Krigen). Set in Copenhagen, the series follows a cop who lost her husband in combat, so she enlists the help of his friend and commanding officer in order to take down a gang. The series deals with grief, the effects of war, PTSD and humanity’s desire to always cause our own self destruction.

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#8. Distrito Salvaje (Wild District). An ex-guerilla gets captured but he avoids prison by going undercover in order to root out corruption from the top. This Colombian series packs a real nice punch with a thrilling storyline, complex characters and lovely performances also.

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#7. Kruk (Raven). Follows a detective who must solve the case of a kidnapped boy in the city in which he grew up in. The detective must also deal with the ghosts from his past. Kruk’s first episode has the most eerie and compelling five minutes I have seen in a while and really sets the standard for the series as a whole.

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#6. Osmosis.
This French series is set in the near future and follows two siblings who invent an implant that would pair up users with their soul mates. It’s French, its sexy, it’s futuristic and surprisingly good. If you’re into that romantic stuff, this one is for you.

#5. Yasamayanlar (Immortals).
Set between the present day and the 1800’s this Istanbul set supernatural drama series follows a woman who is after revenge, she seeks to destroy a ruthless vampire lead who is on his own quest to find an artifact that will render him completely immortal.

#4. Advokaten (The Lawyer).
Advokaten follows Frank Nordling who unravels his seemingly perfect life when goes after the people responsible for his parents murder. Frank gets close to the people responsible and begins plotting their down fall from the inside. All I have to say about this show is that it’s AMAZING!

#3. Halfworlds.
HBO (Asia) for the win again with this Indonesian supernatural series about demi-gods and humans. The series follows a street artist who finds herself caught up the world of the demi-gods and that puts the world of men at risk when the demi-gods seeks to move away from the shadows into the light. All I can say is that THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

#2. Storst Av Allt (Quicksand).
This Netflix series set in Stockholm is pretty good and disturbing at times. The show follows a teenage girl who finds herself on trial for murder. There’s rich people involved so of course there’s murder. Storst Av Allt (Quicksand) is well written and well shot, some scenes might be hard to stomach but it’s a damn good show.

#1. 8 Tage (8 Days).
The earth has literally 8 days left before a meteor crashes into it and kills everyone, this series does away with the big CGI explosion loaded action sequences that comes with such a story. It rather focuses on the people and how they plan to survive. Part political drama, part family drama with a hint of religious end of the world chaos thrown in.

Okay that’s it, watch these and let me know what you think, be sure to be on the lookout for part four of this (maybe!).

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