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How Are Gambling Movies Affecting the Gambling Image?

By considering this info, we can see that gambling movies became popular only after World War 2. Before that, in the period between 1908 and 1930, only six films were made on this topic. How has this affected the opinion of the general public?

Gambling is a popular topic in Hollywood which has been explored in a large number of titles. Gambling movies usually attract a lot of attention due to the glamorous or dangerous life that they usually project. Some such movies share a positive image of gambling, whereas others create a very negative one.

We’ve been wondering how gambling movies affect the gambling image in general, so we’ve taken a closer look at the information shown in the infographic dealing with this topic, created by https://casinosites.me.uk/

For instance, in a poll conducted in Hong Kong, most respondents aged 18 – 47 agreed that HK gambling movies mostly show images of gambling addiction and luxuriously decorated casinos. Therefore, this is the image that dominates the screens. However, anyone that is acquainted with casinos and sports betting knows that this is not 100% accurate.

On the other hand, many gambling movies feature negative images associated with this practice. For example, pathological gambling can be seen in movies such as The Gambler and Owning Mahowny.

The image of gamblers as suckers and lowlifes can be seen in Mafia and Croupier. Another one is that gamblers cheat and steal, which is featured in Shade and Ocean’s Eleven.

Organized crime also frequently finds its way into gambling movies. Notable examples of this motif are Casino and The Godfather.

However, there are some positive images as well. The magical skill of the professional gambler can be seen in Rain Man and Rounders. Another one is the miraculous wins as happy endings of movies such as Mafia and Croupier.

Due to such mixed images, the opinion of the general public on gambling is mixed as well.

If you want to learn more about these influences, check out the infographic below.

Infographic URL: https://casinosites.me.uk/celebrities-gambling-addiction-infographic/

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