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Filmmaking for Newbies: Issue 002

The second segment of the journey into cinema and filmmaking. In this issue we focus on two topics that I usually get asked about; "what exactly is cinematography?" and "is there really a difference between RomComs and Chick Flicks?" Well, I've finally got the answers in written form!


What is Cinematography?

Cinematography is an essential part of filmmaking. It’s about creative visuals that reinforce a narrative and give the audience an emotional experience. It’s less about the equipment you use and more about how you use it. It's not about the aesthetics or pretty pictures, but how you enhance the films story so that it may resonate with its audiences, especially emotionally, as intended by the script. Ultimately a cinematographer's real job is to make the visuals serve the story,

Cinematographers are as much storytellers as directors—the difference is that they direct visuals instead of actors. These artists use various filmmaking techniques to embody a certain emotion that is both powerful and meaningful in the context or the film.

To craft visuals that heighten and underscore a narrative, cinematographers must understand and modulate camera tracking, movement and placement, composition, focus, framing, capturing certain colours and contrasts, and most importantly, lighting. Lens choices are a vital part of being a cinematographer, as the types of lenses and adaptors you use sets the tone for the images you capture.

See some of the most artful, captivating cinematography captured by some of the world's best working-today cinematographers below

Film: The Grand Budapest (2014)
Cinematographer: Robert Yeoman
Aspect Ratio: The Academy (1.37:1)

Film: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
Cinematographer: Roger Deakins
Aspect Ratio: IMAX (1.90:1)

Film: The Revenant (2015)
Cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki
Aspect Ratio: Two-Four-Oh (2.39:1)

Film: Children of Men (2006)
Cinematographer: Emmanuel Lubezki
Aspect Ratio: VC-1 (1.85:1)

Film: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
Cinematographer: John Seale
Aspect Ratio: Theatrical (2.35:1)

Film: There Will Be Blood (2007)
Cinematographer: Robert Elswit
Aspect Ratio: Two-Four-Oh (2.39:1)



The difference between Romantic Comedies and Chick Flicks

A romantic comedy is a comedy whose plot hinges on romance between two characters. Thus romcoms can be described as movies focused on the romantic relationship of a man and woman, the struggles thereof, and an ultimate happy ending is vital, while the movie tries to be funny in between these events.
Chick flicks on the other hand are a more general category that refers to any movie marketed to women. These films usually have a group of women who are friends, who go support each other through life struggles. They're often funny, and there is usually a male someone whom the main character takes romantic interest in in between it all. Ultimately, chick flicks are comedy dramas centered around a woman and her friends, and some dude she likes.
So, what distinguishes the two is that chick flicks are movies with female actresses prominent in the advertising and are marketed to women. While romcoms center around a woman and her male beau and are usually marketed to both men and women

See below for a list of some of the best RomComs and Chick Flicks


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