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  • Another 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

    AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 foreign language TV shows to binge watch list for y’all and this time we’re all about those really good and really addictive, super binge watchy shows that will have you gagging. This time we have murder, time travel, serial killers, hitman, gays and a whole lotta drama…

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  • Blackish & The Carmichael Show: Why The Carmichael Show is Better

    ABC’s Blackish (2014 – present) started off promising as the quintessential family show which addresses and sheds light on relevant issues in which race, gender and sex relations take place. The series, about an upper class black family who try to unravel their cultural and social identity in White America, has received critical acclaim and gone on to win multiple awards.

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  • Why Diversifying Film & TV is Crucial in the Age of Social Media Activism

    We live in the age of intense Internet-based social activism. It's thanks to the world wide web and social media for providing an effective and efficient platform for the unapologetic call for representation of Black people and other minorities in the entertainment industry. Social media has made it so much easier to spread the word far and wide that since this movement took to practice, we've seen a lot more satisfying changes than ever before.

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  • Black Mirror

    Black Mirror is a Netflix original series created by Charles Broker.

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  • Top 11 TV Series of 2017

    A year is bloody darn long! With that comes tons, and tons, of content from Hollywood and beyond to keep us entertained while we try to navigate our mostly-miserable lives. Okay, may some lives aren't that miserable (probably because you're rich!), but we all need entertainment to keep us occupied and somewhat lively. To project our worries, needs and aspirations. Television series are the perfect escape. I know I feel a little better about myself after immersing myself in multiple episodes of my favourite shows. Peeking into the lives of others feels absolutely amazing.

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  • The Curse of Bonnie Bennett and the Magical Negro Stereotype.

    The Curse of Bonnie Bennett and the Magical Negro Stereotype.

    Throughout the entire series run of The Vampire Diaries there’s been one character who has had the worst luck on the show, and that’s Bonnie Bennett the show’s resident witch (and hero in my eyes). Forget about Elena Gilbert and her “tragedy” the real tragic character is Bonnie Bennett, who joins a long list of token magical Negro characters in American cinema.

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  • South African television's reinforcement of toxic gender-roles

    Being "carefree" shouldn't be a conversation left on the frosty, whistling streets of Twitter when the lights go down. It shouldn't be treated like some sort of unwanted virus that disintegrates outside of said host. Twitter has helped a lot of us moult unhealthy societal norms, which have for years been coded into our very beings. But how do we take these signifact changes to the streets and apply them so that they benefit all South Africans outside of social media?

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