Tiny Couch Review

South Africa

  • Third Lane Flows by Luke (EP Preview & Review)

    Sanele Mhlungu, going by the moniker “Luke”, is a recording artist from Pietermaritzburg, eMbali. Luke first got exposed to the music scene while taking up dancing as a hobby with a group of his friends. In 2011, one of his friends randomly asked him to write and record a “hook” for his track titled (For my Town), and that's when a rap genius was born.

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  • South African television's reinforcement of toxic gender-roles

    Being "carefree" shouldn't be a conversation left on the frosty, whistling streets of Twitter when the lights go down. It shouldn't be treated like some sort of unwanted virus that disintegrates outside of said host. Twitter has helped a lot of us moult unhealthy societal norms, which have for years been coded into our very beings. But how do we take these signifact changes to the streets and apply them so that they benefit all South Africans outside of social media?

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