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  • Black Panther: The Theory of the POC Saviour Mentality

    Marvel’s Black Panther has arrived and to be really honest I was expecting a messy, chaotic, high octane enjoyable mess. I was dead wrong because Ryan Coogler and co gave a very important film that is filled with black pride, black power and black excellence. The film surely created a ripple effect that will echo throughout pop culture and might be the very reason Hollywood studios do more POC lead blockbusters.

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  • 2017 Live-Action Comic Book Movies Ranked

    2017 has been a year to behold for superhero-themed live-action movies. We got a total of seven films out of the crazed genre; ranging from origin stories to team-ups of some of our iconic comic book heroes. I must say, I was satisfied by the efforts we've gotten from the filmmakers who were entrusted with bringing our heroes to life respectively. Even with some dire misfortunes, none of these movies completely fell flat.

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  • Why Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie is important for women of colour and the LGBTQ community

    Tessa Thompson coming on screen as Valkyrie is more important than we give it credit for. We're talking about a black bisexual woman serving some serious finesse on a movie by a studio as big as Marvel. Thompson realises the advantageous position she's in and she's unashamedly using it to push the "agenda" of putting more women, especially of colour, on. Needless to say, she's a queen with a purpose, muchlike her on-screen persona, Valkyrie- who debuted on the third Thor movie titled Thor: Ragnarok.

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