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  • Mbongeni Ngema‚Äôs Asinamali Lands in South African Cinemas 3 August, 2018

    Some three decades after ‘Asinamali!’ first appeared on stage at The Market Theatre, Mbongeni Ngema’s play about the lives and suffering of black inmates in an apartheid-era prison has been adapted into a film that is as beautiful as it is still heartbreakingly resonant.

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  • Broken Promises 4-Ever Opens At Cinemas on 27 July, 2018

    Broken Promises 4-Ever’ is the fourth instalment in the well-followed South African ‘Broken Promises’ franchise by award-winning director, producer, and scriptwriter, Kumaran Naidu. The film is set to open in cinemas on 27 July, 2018. Tiny Couch Review has been afforded the privilege of both having a first-look at the film and debuting some of the film's stills, which you can view below.

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  • Film Movement: Entering Mzansi-Neorealism.

    A few months back I wrote a (tiny) article about “Kasi Film Movement”, where I basically stated why eKasi: Our Stories and Lokshin Bioscope are two platforms that launched films that would go on and form South Africa’s “Kasi Film Movement”. I’m back now and this time I’ve watched a little more South African cinema and I’ve noticed something, which I think is ushering a new era in South African cinema and is probably the new phase in South African film movements.

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  • The Film Movement No One Saw Coming

    South African film has come a long way since the 1900’s and we’ve been slowly developing into a country that seeks to stand out from the rest while maintaining our authentic Mzansi voice. (I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve always wondered about film movements in the country).

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