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  • 10 “Cabin in the Woods” Movies to Watch (Before staying in a Cabin in the Woods)

    tinycouch10’s is back with another 10 must watch films list for y’all and this time it’s all about those set in a cabin the woods or something similar. We’ll have murder, aliens, serial killers, werewolves, and maybe some dying white people…

    AAAAANNNNNND let’s start with #10 shall we?!

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  • 10 “Zompocalypse” Movies to Watch

    AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 watch list for y’all and this time it’s all about ZOMBIES, one of my favourite sub genres of the horror genre. I tried to fill this list with some imaginative films I’ve seen and would like you to watch.


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  • 12 Anticipated Book Adaptations Starring High-Profile Actors 2019

    There are truly fewer things more satisfying than seeing an author's imagination come to, so I'm always excited to see big screen adaptions especially when some of my favourite actors and filmmakers are involved in these anomalous projects. This seems to be shaping up to be quite the year for contemporary book adapations. Netflix is leading the charge with four humble adaptations on the way, while HBO partners with leading indie film studio A24 to bring to life one of the most influential Black literary pieces.

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  • Another 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

    AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 foreign language TV shows to binge watch list for y’all and this time we’re all about those really good and really addictive, super binge watchy shows that will have you gagging. This time we have murder, time travel, serial killers, hitman, gays and a whole lotta drama…

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  • 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

    I’m back with another top 10 list for y’all and this time we’re all about those foreign language TV shows that are so good and juicy that you can’t help but binge watch the entire season in one go. On this list you’ll see shows about creepy neighbours, zombies, spies, and so on and so forth…

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  • Top 5 “New” R&B/Soul EPs Right Now

    Sometimes, nothing gets a millennial off faster than the persuasion of a sultry voice over a moody 808. If you fit into this typecast, I have some sweet and heartsick, rainy weather jams for you below.



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  • Spooks, Blood and Cheap Thrills: 10 Horror Movies for Halloween

    It's that time of year again where everyone gets to indulge in an obscene amount blood and gore visuals that come in the form of feature length films to celebrate the very spooky and blood-pumping holiday distinguishingly called Halloween. Get your Jack-o-Lanterns, masks and white-table-cloths ghost constumes out and ready because it's time to dive into a spooky real where screams and queens are the only currency.

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  • 10 Movies You Should Be Watching About Demons.

    Ah demons my favourite creations from he who shall not be named, demons are kind of like a staple now in supernatural horror films and some none horror movies and in every decade they always find a way to reinvent themselves within cinema and get a new generation of fans from cinema goers. So today I’ll be recommending TEN movies that deal with DEMONS (p.s. some of these movies might not be so well known so I encourage you to give them a try)

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  • Fun With Names: Hachikuji Mayoi (八九寺 真宵)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be dissecting the names of anime, anime characters and assorted named things in anime! Today's episode of Fun With Names will be covering the character Hachikuji Mayoi from the Monogatari Series. As a fan of this series, I'm well aware of the author NisioisiN's artistry with words and being the dialogue-rich series that it is, it isn't surprising that there are various junctures where meaning is twisted and played with. Names are no exception, and one day I'll explore the puns that go into the titles of each story of the Monogatari Series. Hachikuji is first introduced in the first iteration of the series, Bakemonogatari, as one of the many oddities that main character Araragi Koyomi deals with.

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  • Fun With Names: Ryuugamine Mikado (竜ヶ峰帝人)

    Fun With Names, Episode 1: Ryuugamine Mikado from Durarara!!

    Welcome to the first ever Fun With Names, where we will be exploring the hidden messages layered into the names of characters and series, starting off with the protagonist of Durarara!!, a dialogue-heavy, supernatural adventure featuring intense gang warfare in Tokyo's Ikebukuro District.

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