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  • Spooks, Blood and Cheap Thrills: 10 Horror Movies for Halloween

    It's that time of year again where everyone gets to indulge in an obscene amount blood and gore visuals that come in the form of feature length films to celebrate the very spooky and blood-pumping holiday distinguishingly called Halloween. Get your Jack-o-Lanterns, masks and white-table-cloths ghost constumes out and ready because it's time to dive into a spooky real where screams and queens are the only currency.

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  • 10 Movies You Should Be Watching About Demons.

    Ah demons my favourite creations from he who shall not be named, demons are kind of like a staple now in supernatural horror films and some none horror movies and in every decade they always find a way to reinvent themselves within cinema and get a new generation of fans from cinema goers. So today I’ll be recommending TEN movies that deal with DEMONS (p.s. some of these movies might not be so well known so I encourage you to give them a try)

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