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  • Fun With Names: Kuchiki Rukia (朽木ルキア)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be picking apart the names in anime to find their hidden meanings and significance. Today, after a fairly long hiatus, Fun With Names will zoom in on Kuchiki Rukia, one of my favourite characters from my favourite anime/manga - BLEACH. The character is quite popular among fans of the series and her creation predates that of any other BLEACH character. Trivia aside, Tite Kubo has a poetic approach to his creations which gives each element a hidden beauty that can be discerned with a little bit of effort. The names of his characters are no exception.

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  • Fun With Names: Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I take apart the names of characters, places, concepts, etc. in anime to show how they connect to their respective universes! Today, we'll be looking at Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected) character Yukinoshita Yukino, one of the three main characters of the series. Since the full name is a total mouthful, I'll be using the alternative name, Oregairu, in reference to the anime. A quick note - when referring to Japanese names, I keep the naming convention as is, so the family name will come before the character's given name whenever I refer to the character with her full government name. This anime has a few characters who, like Yukino, have their first name in their surname, as you may have noticed.

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  • Fun With Names: Esdeath

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where anime names get broken down to reveal some form of shining brilliance! Today, we look at the ice-princess herself, Akame ga KILL!'s Esdeath! The play on words that the name "Esdeath" is, is quite a simple one as far as Japanese is concerned and it follows the same pun blueprint as the series' title (which I may or may not break down at some point in the future). The anime is notorious for its treatment of its characters, but I won't say much in order to preserve the sense of novelty for those who haven't seen Akame ga KILL!.


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  • Fun With Names: Uzumaki Naruto (うずまきナルト)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I look into the various names in anime and pick apart their significance in relation to the respective show! Today, I'll be looking into a well-known Shounen protagonist, the host of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Uzumaki Naruto! Naruto is an incredibly popular title and many people cite the anime as their first taste of the medium. With a lengthy lifespan and a spin-off show currently airing, the anime is considered one of the legendary "Big Three" of the Shounen Jump magazine, the other two being BLEACH and One Piece. Naruto's name is peculiar, but unsurprising given how often authors of Shounen titles tend to crack the most jokes through the names of their characters.

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  • Fun With Names: Sibyl System

    Don't you sometimes wish you could see into the future?

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be picking apart the various names in anime to find out what greater significance they may have in the series' context. Today: the Sibyl System from Psycho Pass. This one didn't take very long to uncover, but it is one that could go unnoticed. Since I'm into various kinds of mythology, I appreciate this particular name for the instantaneous "Ohhhhh, right" it produces when one puts the pieces together.

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  • Fun With Names: Michiko Malandro

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be picking apart interesting names in anime! Today's interesting anime name is Michiko Malandro, one of the titular characters of the awesome anime Michiko to Hatchin (Michiko e Hatchin)! Produced by the now-defunct Studio Manglobe (RIP), Michiko to Hatchin is a beautiful anime I'd recommend to everyone and their dog. Partly because I adore Manglobe, the studio that gave us Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy too, but more because the anime is, like, totally badass. Michiko to Hatchin shows us the journey of a mother/daughter pair travelling the crime-infested, heat-scorched land of Diamandra in search of someone from their past.

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  • Fun With Names: Katanagatari (刀語)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I break down the various names in anime and this week's name of interest is none other than NisiOisiN's Katanagatari. This author is known for his character-driven mystery works and his widespread use of wordplay and emphasis on the eccentricity of his characters. NisiOisiN plays around with a whole lot of the names in his works, including Hachikuji Mayoi from Bakemonogatari (you can find that Fun With Names entry here: Hachikuji). With the author's emphasis on wordplay, I figured it would be cool to look at a NisiOisiN work that anyone somewhat familiar with his work will automatically link to him: Katanagatari.

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  • Fun With Names: Bakugou Katsuki (爆豪勝己)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be dissecting the names of all things anime-related. Characters, shows, powers - whatever it it may be, because names are important. Today's focal point is Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) hothead Bakugou Katsuki, one of the main characters of the series and an interesting individual in the context of the series given his nasty proclivities and seemingly contrary desire to become the best hero. While I could go into what makes Bakugou such an interesting case in the greater scheme of things, I'd rather just blast right into why his name is straight banter.

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  • Fun With Names: GOSICK

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I pick apart the various names that appear in anime! Today I'm looking at GOSICK, an interesting mystery anime with romance and drama to boot, GOSICK focuses on Kujou Kazuya, a Japanese exchange student studying at the prestigious Saint Marguerite Academy in the Southern European country of Sauville. His jet black hair and eyes become the object of the scorn of the other students, who call him "The Black Reaper", based on a local myth about a traveller who brings death in the spring. A trip to library looking for ghost stories leads to his discovery of a golden strand of hair belonging to one Victorique de Blois. Her foresight allows her to predict their futures as they get dragged into a mystery involving the appearances of an alchemist and a ghost ship. With things getting pretty weird around them the two stick together as the mystery unravels. I'll be unpacking the hidden pun in the title with tricks I discovered... by mistake.

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  • Fun With Names: BLEACH

    Dragon Ball, aptly named for the seven magical wish-granting orbs which are the coveted relic of the franchise. One Piece, aptly named for the mysterious treasure said to bestow upon whomever finds it the title of Pirate King. Naruto, aptly named for the titular character of the franchise, Uzumaki Naruto. What these titles have in common is that they're instant identifiers of the universe that they represent. Having mentioned One Piece and Naruto, the consequence is that the third of Shounen Jump's legendary Big Three must be mentioned too. BLEACH, aptly named... named... for... uh... the characters wash their clothes?


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