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filmmaking for newbies

  • Filmmaking for Newbies: Issue 002

    The second segment of the journey into cinema and filmmaking. In this issue we focus on two topics that I usually get asked about; "what exactly is cinematography?" and "is there really a difference between RomComs and Chick Flicks?" Well, I've finally got the answers in written form!

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  • Filmmaking for Newbies: Issue 001

    I've often been asked about how someone can get a foot in into "Film Twitter" or just being a film enthusiast in general. And I think the answer is simple; have genuine love for movies, do your research, write down everything you can and learn from others. I know some people may not know where to even begin, though, so here's a very simple "starter" series that might help you equip yourself with basic knowledge on your way to "film buff" status.

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