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  • Film Movement: Entering Mzansi-Neorealism.

    A few months back I wrote a (tiny) article about “Kasi Film Movement”, where I basically stated why eKasi: Our Stories and Lokshin Bioscope are two platforms that launched films that would go on and form South Africa’s “Kasi Film Movement”. I’m back now and this time I’ve watched a little more South African cinema and I’ve noticed something, which I think is ushering a new era in South African cinema and is probably the new phase in South African film movements.

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  • That's What You Get When You Let Your Heart Win (10 Movies With "Bleak" Endings)

    Okay, okay it’s been awhile since I’ve done a recommendations list of top 10 movies, so I have decided to gift you guys with this list of awesome movies with what some might call “bleak” or “unhappy” endings-ish (p.s there will be typos/grammar mistakes). I had to dig deep into my memory of films that I’ve seen in my entire 24 years of existence so that I can compile this list of movies that had characters listen to their hearts and well that didn’t end very well (and sometimes it wasn’t their hearts just circumstances).

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  • Why Diversifying Film & TV is Crucial in the Age of Social Media Activism

    We live in the age of intense Internet-based social activism. It's thanks to the world wide web and social media for providing an effective and efficient platform for the unapologetic call for representation of Black people and other minorities in the entertainment industry. Social media has made it so much easier to spread the word far and wide that since this movement took to practice, we've seen a lot more satisfying changes than ever before.

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  • The Film Movement No One Saw Coming

    South African film has come a long way since the 1900’s and we’ve been slowly developing into a country that seeks to stand out from the rest while maintaining our authentic Mzansi voice. (I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve always wondered about film movements in the country).

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  • Three Elements I Always Find in Queer Cinema

    So after having watched Inxeba (The Wound), and you can read my review on that, I was even more adamant about writing this little piece of my thoughts on queer cinema and the three elements that I always find. These three elements do appear in almost every other mainstream film ever, but for the gay male character the three elements are extremely important.


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