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  • Sunset on the Targaryen Empire

    An emotionally compromised, narcissistic ideologue with imperial ambitions who so believed in the nobility of her goals that she was willing to pave the road to their accomplishment in fire and blood. As much as this is about Daenerys Targaryen, it could also have been about any number of tyrants littered throughout our own history - as well as that of Westeros.

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  • Martin Scorsese's Silence: A Meditation on Christian Imperialism

    Beginning in the 14th century during what is now known as the Age of Discovery, overseas exploration became an integral part of European culture and marked the emergence of colonialism as the policy of various European nation-states. It is also during this period that, first, the Catholic church and, then later on, the Protestant churches began a major effort to spread Christianity to what was then known as the New World and to convert the indigenous peoples of those previously unknown lands.

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  • On Why The Dark Knight Rises Doesn't Work As The End of The Trilogy

    Did you enjoy The Dark Knight Rises? If so then good, so did I. So did the vast majority of critics and fans who watched it as well. Despite widespread agreement on all sides that it is inferior to its predecessor in the trilogy, it's a thoroughly enjoyable film. However, regardless of that there are issues that render it an unsuitable and, to a certain degree, disappointing conclusion to what is arguably the pinnacle of all superhero franchises. In order to explore the reasons for this, we must return to the first two installments of the trilogy and analyse their themes and story elements.


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  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Why I Like It Now)

    It's taken me five viewings in total to come to enjoy this film, having hated it for the first couple of viewings and felt ambivalent about it for the other couple, as a result of which I feel I must elaborate on my gradual change of heart about it.
    I must begin, however, by saying that this will not be a defence of the film against the overwhelmingly negative mainstream critical appraisal it's received, which has actually already been carried out by a cabal of passionate fellow DCEU fans. This will also not involve any extraneous comparison to or juxtaposition with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it's relative critical and commercial success, for while it may belong to the exact same genre of film, it tends to different needs for the filmgoer. Lastly, this will not involve any justification for any of the litany of egregious flaws of this film.

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