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Do You Trust this Computer (Documentary): What I've learnt about artificial intelligence

"We created it, so I think as we move forward this intelligence will contain parts of us. And I think the question is, will it contain the good parts or the bad parts?"

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If you're curious as to what Artificial Intelligence can do for the human race in its prime, then this is a neat and clear-cut documentary to get into. It's also highly informed as it has recruited renowned professionals from across the board to contend their testimonies and predictions of (the future) of A.I.

These professionals range from renowned filmmakers such as Jonathan Nolan, leading technologist Elon Musk, New York Times journalists, MIT, UC, Berkeley and Stanford professors, Microsoft researchers, etc.

Even with proof that these machines have served to make our lives better since their inception, this particular documentary begs the questions: can we trust these machines?


Are we as a civilization safe while these machines milling our daily lives? Taking into consideration that at each second that we use these machines, we train them to be smarter and more efficient than us.

Is it possible for these machines to keep get far more intelligent than the human race without there being complications that may possibly pose a threat to the human race as we know it? Could there be a possible Westworld slash The Matrix slash 2001: A Space Odyssey et al. situation where these very machines that we created turn against us?


History has proven than values vary from one person to another. Even when we want to believe that the people at the forefront of creating these wonderful machines have the human race's best interests at heart, there might be that one person that has a different set of believes. What happens when A.I is made out of villainous, insidious motives?

Human motives are the periphery of the sinister extremes artificial intelligence may explore. Deep learning machines are in lieu where our concerns should lie.

I doubt most of us even understand what algorithms are and what exactly the purpose of their existence is. Do you know how your playlists on Spotify and Apple Music are personalised by your computer or mobile device? No, it's not simply because of your computer or mobile device can read your mind by now, or even simply shuffles together similar songs in the same genre.


Algorithms are made up of coding that dives to the deeper ends of what other machines know about us, and go on to address that in the application in question. Of course you'd never know it unless you're a tech geek or a student at top tech university like MIT.

But here I am right now, breaking it down and chewing it for you.

Artificial Intelligence is an endless pool of data that's made of artificial DNA of real people on the Internet across the world everyday. This DNA ranges from our finger prints, GPS coordinates, our bank cards' information, e-mails, call logs and text messages to our social media pages and personal blogs. This can basically be referred to as the term "deep learning" as the machine functions as an artificial brain to learn the environment around it, like a toddler, and records data for its own improvement.


It can be seen a genetic mutation parasite that is eager to find a host and expand itself thereafter. Most humans are clueless of this, as our limited understanding of the complex machines we use daily becomes more evident as these devices grow smarter.

For as long as we're getting personalised experiences everywhere on our digital machines, we're happy. We're not bothered that these machines are learning and mimicing us. We frankly don't give a shit that our personal details are being stored, sold and used elsewhere for various purposes without our knowledge or consent. And that's perhaps the biggest fault we'll have to one day face the dire consequences of, and it might be too late when that desperate time approaches.


They don't just threaten civilisation. Robotics are out for jobs too. In various countries, there are already robots who do certain surgeries on patience. It is predicted that soon enough most professions will be occupied solely by robots. If that is the case, humans being are in an self-degrading loop that is too late to stop by now.

Jonathan NolanA.I are going to be fantastic at manipulating us.


The big bads of tech companies (i.e. Space X) and the powers that be (i.e. your Donald Trumps) are really the ones who will decide whether the data they collect and receive everyday from the human race will be used for good or evil. Sounds like a bad, bad Terminator-esque horror doesn't it?

With the U.S. goverment recently motioning towards autonomous weapons for use in their military- these type of weapons are robots that choose their targets and attack without any human intervention- human annihilation by way of robots doesn't sound as far-fetched as it would've twenty or even ten years ago.




Elon MuskWhoever has the best A.I will achieve dominance on this planet.


This short, learned documetary covers quite a few of these interesting subjects I've highlighted above. Are we the "catalysts of our own doom"? Watch this doccie to observe the different views of experts.

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