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Another 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 foreign language TV shows to binge watch list for y’all and this time we’re all about those really good and really addictive, super binge watchy shows that will have you gagging. This time we have murder, time travel, serial killers, hitman, gays and a whole lotta drama…

And let’s start with #10 shall we?!

#10. Acquitted (Frikjent).
Frikjent follows a man who returns to his small town in Norway to save it after being gone for 20 years. However he doesn’t get a warm welcome as almost everyone still hates for a crime in which he was acquitted for. The crime? The murder of his high school girlfriend. Frikjent packs a whole lotta drama, with a character that’s so shady that you’re not sure if he did it or not and it’s a small town so obviously everyone has secret or two.

#9. Before We Die (Innan vi dör).
This character driven Swedish drama follows a police detective who investigates the disappearance and later murder of her lover who is also another cop, she does so with the help of an unknown informant which she only contacts via text. Things get really juicy when the informant is revealed to be her son, who hates her guts because she sent him to prison for two years because he was dealing drugs. A gay Croatian gangster, a hectic mother and son relationship and many thrills Before We Die makes for spectacular viewing.

#8. El Ministerio Del Tiempo.
This Spanish sci-fi series might feel a bit familiar to TV junkies because an American TV show by the name of Timeless might have been inspired by it. Here however instead of a time machine we have doorways that lead to past eras of the Spanish empire. The government tasked a group of influential figures from past and present to find and stop threats that seek to rewrite Spanish history. A well written and beautifully designed show and it’s already a big fave of mine.

#7. Merciless (Dupla Identidade).
This Brazilian series about a charming serial killer is rather wild because the characters are just--- anyways the series follows thee charming killer who leads a double life, on one side he’s a up and coming political dude and on the other he is super crazy and goes around killing women in creative ways. On the other side you have the police that are hunting him but it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t messy, and the mess here is that the killer infiltrates the police. I KNOW RIGHT?!

#6. Hostages (Bnei Aruba).
This Israeli series follows a group of people who hold a surgeon’s family hostage and blackmail her into killing the prime minister. This brilliant TV series was remade in America but the American version lacked the impactful family drama, the intrigue and the “will she? Or won’t she?” factor that makes Bnei Aruba a masterpiece of television. Action, drama, secrets and one big family mess.

#5. The Hunter (Le Chasseur).
This French series follows a hitman who works for his mother as he takes down very bad people and a few good people for a very large sum of money, but things get complicated when his past catches up to him and must now do everything in his power to protect his family and still be a hitman that is a mamma’s boy through and through. Murders, secrets, sexy French people and an overbearing mother is the perfect recipe for an amazing series.

#4. Borderliner (Grenseland).
When a suicide becomes a murder case, a detective is thrown into a game of lies and corruption that makes the detective as corrupt as the criminals he is trying to catch. Grenseland shows us just how far one is willing to go for family and just how lost you can get within your own lies. Watching the fall of a “righteous” man is simply spectacular, it’s like watching Superman kill for the first time and the taste of that kill makes him crave it more even if he doesn’t know it himself.

#3. Profugos (Fugitives).
Gays, kidnappings, corruption, car chases, drugs, betrayals, secrets, beheadings, and political scandals are just a few of things you’ll find in the first few episodes of this high octane Chilean series. A group of drug dealers on the run from government officials and other drug dealers seems simple enough, but Profugos plays the drama out like a telenovela and the action like a big budget film and everything gels perfectly and by the end you just end wanting MORE!

#2. Occupied (Okkupert).
Okkupert is a science fiction-environmental series from Norway set in the near future, where Norway shuts down their oil and gas production, which sends the rest of Europe into a tailspin as there’s a major energy crisis happening in the entire Europe and the world is on the verge of collapse due to lack of energy. Things get extremely hectic when the European Union sends in Russia to go and fix the problem “peacefully”. Things go downhill as everything else happens but peace and we witness a country go from peace to all out hell and we the audience end up hating every player in the game.

#1. Deutschland 83.
Deutschland 83 is a cold war espionage series set in 1983 and follows Martin who sent to West Germany to try and figure out if they’re trying to go to war with East Germany or not . Jesus Henry Christ, Deutschland 83 is simply beautiful, the acting, production, writing and direction are world class. The intense spy drama mood is never lifted one bit and we’re so enthralled into this world that’s on the brink of war and some of that is due to the paranoia on both sides and of course the gays make an appearance here (we are everywhere!)

Okay that’s it, watch these and let me know what you think, be sure to be on the lookout for part three of this.

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